D is for stuff, right?

Give me the D, or is it he that surely D deserves

And surely something so profound needs more to calm the nerves

For D , you see, can be what he, or she or we desire

While we presume for our own good

this D would give what a bee should

in sweetness, sticky and sublime

I fight to keep this D of mine

And stake a claim and over time

will learn to be the he who sees the D

and thinks, perhaps it’s not for me

and O-M-G feel free to see that we can be

A he, him, she without the need forD and what might be

Screw You Haiku

A little light haiku relief…

Proof that haiku do not always have to be serious…

The life of the clown

by day bringing joy, by night

he’s under your bed

night time toilet trip

lights out, think I saw a clown

run back to bed scared

Long hair and tight jeans

he watches her walk and lusts

bugger, it’s a bloke!

hot tea before bed

up three times throughout the night

Damn old man’s bladder!

Eat my big fat get well soon election limerick

Do it. You know you want to.

Heard you’ve probably lost an election

And it’s years since you’ve had an erection

And your kids are all shits

And your empires in bits

Hope you die from a nasty infection

Mostly Ive avoided politics and Donald the last few years but just a little something for him. You don’t like it? You’re a fan of him? Please unfollow me. Really. Bye.