One from the archives, which I have no recollection of writing..

You can listen instead of reading if you prefer.



Old Walter McDad finds such joy in the sad

The depressed and the rather quite tragic

He would dance with delight if your shoes were too tight

Spilled your tea on your crotch? Oh quite magic!

Caught your knob in your zip? Caused your foreskin to rip?

He would high five in great celebration

Birth defects?  He loves those.  Diabetic? Lost toes?

Well to him they’re such cause for elation


Enjoys watching the poor, mocks the sick and what’s more

Steals the cash from the tramps at the station.

Takes a dump on your lawn, tells your kids to watch porn

Big wide grin at your grandma’s cremation

Fingers crossed at the vets they declare that your pets

need to be put to sleep with much haste

Phone the docs and the answer is that you have cancer

He’d take joy, he knows its in poor taste


For Walt spends all his days in such terrible ways

Don’t ask why he just does ‘cos he can

At a hundred and one he’d still rodger your mum

He’s a rather quite nasty old man

So watch out and beware at the top of the stair

As he’d gladly push you in the back

You go head over tit and he’d chuckle and sit

Watch you bleed as he enjoys a snack



XXX filth…enjoy

What once were endless summer days, and tender nights not counted

Sweetest whispers, love unbridled, days drift by embraced

And 69 more ways your soft pink flesh was nightly mounted

And your skin glowed with the blush of love’s seed spilled upon your face

The heart quickened, loins wet, thickened, hair pulled, lost souls intertwined

Gimp mask, red room, 12 inch pseudo love meat, I am yours and you are mine.

So spent, we lay in sheets soiled with the remnants of our love

we fit like trains into a tunnel, like large hand into small glove

And when no lube can dampen, when blue pills can not revive

Will we shuffle from this mortal coil, our passions still alive

Somewhere far beyond these night time stars that we once watched together,

Shall our memories drift slowly into inky black forever



Like stars that pierce the inky void

of night she sparkles as she spins

through space and time and all about

look up and watch as bright she burns

Beyond the moons of myth and lore

He watches, blinded by the joy

And hearts entwined they find their place

Hearts lifted at the setting sun

Forever sighs, and promise kept

And dying suns adorn her train

Of endless night, left in her wake

Their forever sighs, and calls her near

Eternal bound in endless skies

And dying suns adorn her train

Of darkest night, left in her wake

Beyond the veil they dip and swoop

Through nebula and pinpricked paths

‘Till time no more stands in their path

To evermore’s sweetest embrace



Its a tale, old and true, through the ages to you

a man good, brave and noble quite grand

he’s from stories of old, and songs sung and yarns told

stout of heart but alas such small hands

From when he was a lad, he would say to his dad

One day I,  will for sure, be a knight

But alas his dad feared and he scratched his long beard

Not convinced that in fact his son might

For his hands so quite small, even though he was tall

And a sword he could surely not hold

It would fall from his grip, to the ground it would slip

Left defenceless alone in the cold

“Perhaps it’s not for you” , said his dad, his heart blue

“Maybe you should consider your trade

Jesters are in demand and with your tiny hands

You would surely have your fortune made

You can dance, perform tricks, they will laugh, give you tips

You can jape, as they point at your fingers

Dressed as harlequin king, telling jokes then you sing

Of the Celts cross the sea, all such gingers

But he would not be swayed

His mind up was quite made

And he joined the kings army with hope

And begged to be a knight

They persisted, quite right

Saw his small hands and loud, declared “Nope!”

Though they gave him a task,a quite terrible ask

But he could not refuse, or give grief

The knights he’d make feel great

With small hands masturbate

Boost their self esteem and give relief

Now each night spends his time, giving handies sublime

his small hands make them feel 8 feet tall

And to battle they charge

Wearing codpiece quite large

Brian drips with man juice, big and small

So rejoice, sing his name, we rejoice in his fame

The inspirer, he who helped shape our land

Not a knight,but still grand

He who emptied man glands

All hail Brian, he of the small hands




This home, once loving walls, so tight embraced

Burned down by rage and jealousy

and all that once was is turned to ash

as trampled embers flicker, glow and die

Hearts crave phoenix flight without relief

tears hiss and rise as lost dreams climb

and drift to night and nevermore

Regret smiles sweet and mocks with twisted smiles


To all the things that we once were

The brightness of the things that were

Like summer sun warm on the skin

Now shadows cast, and blind her gaze

And endless days to night give way

Until they set, horizons crimson

Set ablaze just one last time

No more remembers, dawn will come

Follows the embers, She remembers him no more

And light once more reveals her beauty

Safe in the warmth, new days embrace


word salad

Though eyes grow dim and final sunset calls

you ever still remain as bright as care free summers days.

And soft warm smile my heart delights one final evermore

and no regret, not one, no single moment would I trade.


Upon my door the darkness hurled

and screams to steal first kiss and each one since

though splintered wood lay all about my feet

protected, each defended to the last.


And when I lay upon the cold and unforgiving stone

hands crossed upon my fiersome pounding breast

you call me home and no more will I fight

and drift to sleep at last within your arms


Another one of these…

These things from which were crudely hewn

And in this expanse shaped and formed

Give way to  heart and hate and fires

that burn and fiercely do refine
This love that cuts and scars run deep

warm laughter hollow peaks then fades

And darkness melts at growing light

Which swells and soars, illuminating.
So come what will, we bend unbroken
Buffeted by winds of change

and edges soften, time moves onwards

rearranged and stained and aged.
Now take this thing I have become

With artists eye see shape and form

And lines, deep colours, shades and tones

this creation ever changing.


More words…

She hides herself, thoughts tucked away

Inside a box, paint peeling, worn and cracked

Beneath a bed where lies are told when night smothers day

And from the corners voices call of things she always lacked

Sepia faded could-have-beens hang crooked on the walls

that echo words she should have said

but lips fell silent, never answered late night desperate calls

and lovers tender touch that lived somewhere only in her head

For heart’s are tender, yet she craves what would have been

Picks flowers from him, the one that smiled, or so she thought

And how it lead to all the beauty still unseen

That might have been, but years pass, and still has come to nought

And so once more she lifts the lid and places hope inside

Dust filled, it sits, another day perhaps, maybe

And voices call, quicky it closes, time to hide

Tears in the dust, no one will ever see



This starless nothing spins, consuming

And withers, just like time

Pale faced, backs bent, and fingers clicking

Silent lips mouth blissful groans, sublime

Emerging, shed cocoon sticky underfoot

They slither in foul brine, gasping

And to a damned eternity

He bleeds his lot to everlasting

Each promise kept betrays his heart

And dead eyes fed the crows

As shadows hide the things that lurk

In darkest corners, yet each day it grows

Until Quite spent he slips to sleep

And dreams alleviate

The claws and teeth, blood red that feast

Born out of contenpt,lies and hate


Well that went downhill very f’ing fast…

I neither give one nor possess enough

to spare a flying kind

You’re entitled to not give one back

Or put one up your large behind…

F You, me, they, them, thems, hes and shes

F this and that, your dog and cat

horse you rode in on, and also that

for a game of marbles if you please…

So off you go, and F yourself

And while you’re there F someone else

Your mum, your dad, your neighbours kids

and do confess to what you did

For in the joy of F’s release

will you find sweet sweet f’ing peace


No thinking, just see what vomits forth!

He heads down to the water, deep swells and stormy skies

Spill and swirl across lifes pages

His dark Aphrodite, his goddess of the ages

Her passion and bliss the mirror to his lies


She beckons, sweetest of voice cuts through the storm

And how he yearns for the sea in that hour

To sink beneath the waves, to feel loves power

As cavalcades of white wave top riders herald brightest dawn


Zephyrus dries her, stars reflected in the ocean of her eyes

And all things fade away and into bliss theyre lifted

Tears dried, they surrender to the now and forever they’ve been gifted

And shine like brightest constellation of the skies


Been a while since I waffled…

I held A moment in my hands and held it to the light

And rolled it through my fingers, mix of shades of dark and light

Then, scrutinised and sanitised

And pulled and picked apart

Drained it of emotion, felt its fading, beating heart


I found A moment in the dark and hid it from the sun

Swore to keep it safe and secret and to show it to no one

But it slipped through clutching fingers

And I lost it, gone from sight

The promise of enlightenment, neglected in the night


I took A moment for myself and promised to take stock

To count the toll of carelessness, and return to my rock

of things I love and those I know

Which shelter from the storms

And heart and hearth burn brightly, and the fires that keep me warm

Let me love you like a serial killer

Damn, missed valentines day…

Oh won’t you let me climb inside you

Let me wear you like a skin

And to feel your heart a beating

And to touch you from within.


What you see I want to witness

When you hear ill hear it too

When you nap ill snooze inside you

Let me be there when you poo.


From your innards i can feel you

As I’m nestled in between

I can feel your pain quite clearly

‘Twixt your liver and your spleen


Oh let me crawl right up inside you

Wont you let me show u love

There inside your flesh and sinew

Let me wear you like a glove


My desire knows no limits

And my love is absolute

Here its warm and wet and safe

Inside my juicy love skin suit



More rambling words…

These memories, like trinkets long discarded, out of reach

And though I search elusive they remain

With faded paint, and gold hue once so bright now dim

Ensnared with such a wonderous pull now seems like pointless whim

You held it in your hand, I think, though cannot be so sure

For memories aren’t always believed

And where I saw it last slips through cold, frail grasping fingers

And names once tripped from sparkling tongue, now only in fog lingers

Instinct pricked, elusive elements of something once so sure

This certainty, now possible or maybe

I search, I know it’s to be found, so close, so very near

This trinket, bauble, well loved toy, that now seems oh so dear


Oh I would not eat a vegan

Just a little something before bed…

Kinda inspired by this if you’ve never read it. I think its one of my best…I even did an audio version.

There are things that pass my lips that I so willingly enjoy

A baby cow, a deer, some sheep, to them utensils I deploy

Fried , roasted, dipped in fondue cheese my preferences are wide

I know they’re cute on the outside, but I so crave the meat inside

Loin, flank, short rib, grass fed, food bid, to stop my clothes from spoiling

Oh whip me up wild roaming fowl, salted, spiced post boiling

These things I lust, my lips do quiver in anticipation

I realise it leaves some folk in the most sternest consternation

But they are safe, so rest assured, my menu rightly lacks their cut

For far too lean and scrawny I do find them, they don’t satisfy my gut

And even though you add some veg, add onions or some aubergine in

No thanks, fear not, I’ll have a salad, for I could never eat a vegan


Rambling words…

He finds her, in that place where dreams ignite

And softly calls her name, lips red from painted ladies

Sweet lies he spins, like stars they light her darkest night

Promises in love entwined and future shining bright


The words, so very well rehearsed, like petals on the floor

To try and lift the chains of true love once betrayed

Played out, it seems, a thousand times before

Heart aches like empty stomach’s of the poor


This here, this now, this evermore, and blinded to his ways

He brings her to his alter of deceit

And pledges sacrifice of heart through endless days

To love, to hold, nor on another gaze


To lift the curse to feel once more complete

And thoughts of her he lost might drift away

A red stained dress, and veil of dark deceit

Where hearts and minds and love’s desires meet


And so she joins the brides parade

Where willingly the pining souls are one

Here words form bonds that aren’t unmade

And so he leads from light to endless shade


Nightly now they lie on sullied beds and rot

Another notch, just one more failed escape

For fate forgives where lovers scorned do not

And he finds a new love, and hers is soon forgot