Been a while since I waffled…

I held A moment in my hands and held it to the light

And rolled it through my fingers, mix of shades of dark and light

Then, scrutinised and sanitised

And pulled and picked apart

Drained it of emotion, felt its fading, beating heart


I found A moment in the dark and hid it from the sun

Swore to keep it safe and secret and to show it to no one

But it slipped through clutching fingers

And I lost it, gone from sight

The promise of enlightenment, neglected in the night


I took A moment for myself and promised to take stock

To count the toll of carelessness, and return to my rock

of things I love and those I know

Which shelter from the storms

And heart and hearth burn brightly, and the fires that keep me warm

Heart and Window – TJ’s household Haiku

Today I bring you not 1, but 3 mediocre haiku in response to TJ’s challenge.

Today I bring you not 1, but 3 mediocre haiku!


Brave window cleaner

Poor man, his heart in his mouth

Curtains left open


Oh heart, fickle friend

open window, thieves sneak in

ransacked and ruined


still my beating heart

eyes the windows on the soul

How I  love cliches

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