Diet o’clock 12th of August

Archaeologists recently confirmed my fatness outdates the internet mostly.

I have been fat for as long as I can remember.  Or at least I believed I was.  There has been the odd occasion where I definitely wasn’t but for the most part I have been.

I have always loved food, and still do, and I am going to assume that had something to do with it.  I believe my nick name was officially ‘Fat Kid for a few years amongst a certain crowd when I was younger but if I recall correctly they were actually my closer friends and it didn’t last that long and whilst I would say it never bothered me it has stuck with me.

Thinking back before that I was broad shouldered and pretty handy at rugby growing up and through my teen years, and whilst not massive I always carried extra weight which helped on the pitch.  I do remember joining a club after school and hearing one of the players comment in Afrikaans that it was good to have “another nice fat front rower’.  Looking back at photos though, I don’t think I  was that big.  Certainly nowhere near where I am now.

I guess it is something I have always lived with, though I don’t quite recall my first diet.  I t must have been quite some time ago because I found this when I was going through stuff in the cellar this week.


The oldies amongst you will recognise a 3.5 Inch drive and it seems that probably 18 years ago I was attempting to do something about things.  Made me really question myself because 18 years is a bloody long time to get progressively fatter and fatter.   I mean what was the world like in 2000?

Well there was the shenanigans over the Y2K bug – so I must have had that to worry about on top of having hefty man boobs, and I was likely sobbing into my breakfast cake as the final ‘Peanuts’ was published following the death of Charles M Schulz.  Oh lordy, Bob The Builder was top of the charts here in the UK.  I was likely comfort eating for sure.

I tried to remember making it but cant so am looking forward to firing up an old PC I still have to see what is on it.  I do wonder what goal weight I set for myself.  I’ll let you know



Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

27 thoughts on “Diet o’clock 12th of August”

  1. Oh…I gotta know what’s on there! I still have an external 3.5 drive for my PC from once (can’t remember when) that I also ran across some old disks and was like, “How the fuck am I gonna see what’s on these? No one supports this crap anymore…”

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  2. Ha ha – as I was reading through the post and saw the floppy disk I said to myself “wow, this was a long time ago” then you said “the oldies amongst you” … of course as we neared Y2K we backed up our computer systems just in case everything went to hell in a handbasket. Well, we lived to tell about it. The PCs were cool, the digital clocks still told time and we could buy gasoline too.

    We’re our own worst critics sometimes. I wonder what your diet sheet will say? What we’d give for our metabolism we had when we were half our current age. Don’t forget that you have a sedentary job don’t you as a computer programmer or am I wrong thinking this?

    You still deserve an atta boy for what you’ve done with the Whole 30 plan and you’re about six weeks into it; it can only get better.

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  3. Y2k…goodness himow the world went mad…i was in the air on a,flight to Singapore as i recall. Cost next to nothing as no bugger wanted to be in the air at midnight!

    You’re right most of the day i sit on my arse!

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  4. As I read the first line of your reply I was thinking it would be a near-empty plane as we all worried everything would shut off – the airplane control towers as well. It is 15 years ago today we had the big blackout here in the eastern part of the U.S. Overloaded electricity grid and suddenly at 4:00-ish the electricity went out … I was posting mail at the postage meter … the office was dark and I had no battery-operated radio at work (always did/do at home) and didn’t know if it was terrorism or what. Walked down five flights of stairs and pandemonium in the street. Smartphones not so popular, if they even existed back then, people had to go to their car to hear a news broadcast. I heard about your terrorism with the car just now. I sit on my arse all day too – that’s why I started the walking regimen and that’s why I can identify!!

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  5. Brilliant post!
    You HAVE to share the content 🤣

    And while you are determined to shed some weight, I am determined to alter my sugar intake so I’m counting on you to keep posting about your mini goals achieved so I feel it’s worth logging mine.
    Can we start next week as last night I consumed a family sharing bag of revels (and forgot I had family) a packet of iced round biscuits and half a tube of Pringles a
    Evidently my body was in great need of minerals but I suspect a banana and a pint of water would have sufficed 🙈

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  6. Lord knows what would happen if something serious was to Occur.

    Were often unphased by such things you know…we’ve lived with terrorism for decades and these fools,are nothing compared to what we suffered in the past.

    We just carry on

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  7. This is true – I guess if we worried about every little thing, we’d never venture out of the house. And then there are the natural disasters – you’re not safe any time. Cheery aren’t we?

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  8. This is a wonderful post and maybe you don’t think you’re that deep… You are. You’re also courageous and worthy of admiration! Kudos! Now what hell is on that floppy disk!!!🤣

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  9. Oh I know .. 🙈 .. my will power changes with the wind. One day I’m superwoman with determination that Theresa May would be impressed by.,, and the next I’m as pathetic as Boris Johnson’s tray of mugs of tea…

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  10. It’s because you’ve gone ‘public’ with your goals … I think it really helps our desire to achieve when we know others will share in our happiness that we are doing something for ourselves. Finally. 👌🏼💫

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