Me moaning about twinkies as a metaphor for America…

Not done one of these for ages. Just 5 minutes of me being critical of twinkies. And maybe America. But in a good way. Kind of.

Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

22 thoughts on “Twinkies”

  1. Well I had to laugh at this Michael – yes, we have Twinkies and I was prepared to ask if you knew they were so full of preservatives that they last for years. And then you mentioned it in your diatribe against Twinkies. 🙂 In fact, a few years ago, a story was going around about a science teacher who saved one for decades and it was a science experiment. I looked for the story and am sending this YouTube story so you can access it without issue. I haven’t had Twinkies in years … what I find repulsive is those orange circus peanuts. They are hard marshmallow shaped like a peanut in the shell, only larger. Blech! Here in the U.S. we are all about our marshmallow Peeps. Do you have them in the UK? First it was just at Easter, yellow marshmallow blobs shaped like baby chicks. Then they were available in lots of colors. Now you can get them all year around, with flavors and colors to match the season and not always chicks. Why we were not related to the guy who invented Peeps (or Twinkies). Sigh.


  2. Our big food news story today is Burger King and the cows they use for beef for burgers are fed lemon grass so therefore less belching and farting (by the cow, not the consumer), so therefore better for the climate. Really? It was trending on Twitter. The commercial is a kid dressed like a cowboy, walking out of the cow’s back door amid fumes. Say it isn’t so … here’s the video in case you’re not on Twitter:


  3. Judging by yours and other comments I’ve had I am not alone in my twinkie disappointment Linda 🙂
    I. don’t think we have the marshmallow things… thanks for the video ill go check it out 🙂 i always believed they lasted forever 🙂

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  4. ha…and I wonder, in additional to the environmental benefits, whether the meat tastes any better. That said, I am not sure beef and citrus is the best of pairings…

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  5. Michael, I’m convinced the world has lost its mind every single day, especially here in the U.S. – the comments on social media, especially Twitter, for every Trump Tweet sent or utterance by him leaves me reeling sometimes. Yes it is admirable what Burger King is doing for Mother Earth but really?

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  6. I tried it once and didn’t try again – I am not a picky eater in the least, but I have never had anchovies on my pizza either. Maybe just because people always say “hold the anchovies”. What a wuss I am!

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  7. I actually liked this before I listened to it… I’m listening to it now… I’m sorry you ever let a twinkie hold such high expectations in your head. You’re right, it’s kind of a metaphor, like the grass is greener on the otherside, til you realize how much work was put in to the grass…
    none of those desert cakes are really good, but if you’re gonna go for one, I’d say Zebra Cakes haha

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  8. Yeah, but America eventually started to dip them in batter and then deep-fry them…so…like…yeah, I see what you mean…

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