What Teddy saw. 1.

I do not want to do this anymore and am wondering very much if there is a way out.

Whilst I realise it is my lot in life, and with my doleful eyes and thick creamy fur I am perfect for the job, my god you have no idea what it’s like.  If I am lucky then I may get to enjoy a tea party or a picnic with some of the others but for the most part I simply have to sit and watch.

Now Ive seen Toy Story, and I would assure you that despite what you may think there are no playful shenanigans when you leave the room.  I do not get to spoon with Barbie whilst cowboys and astronauts reach for the stars.  Nor are there adventures to be had beyond the toy box.   All we do is watch.   

Now Some of you may be people watchers, and if so then good for you, but just imagine what it is like watching the same people day in day out.  This isn’t some whimsical existence where I can wistfully imagine the life they have from a distance.  No, this is a living hell where I have to witness every awful thing that goes on behind closed doors.

I often wonder which bastard created me because I can’t even close my frigging eyes.

Just yesterday I’d been left on the kitchen side and I had to watch him eating leftovers, straight from the fridge, naked in the middle of the night.  He has an abundance of body hair which in itself is bad enough but what made it extra special was the way he still managed to scratch himself with a chicken drumstick in each hand.  No wonder he spends so much time on the bloody toilet, anus chicken will do that to you every time.

If only I knew how to end it.

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