What Teddy saw. 4.

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I like to think that I am a fairly optimistic sort, given my situation.  Yes, I will admit to occasionally succumbing to dark thoughts but given mu situation I would hope that you might appreciate the effect such things can have on you.

Take today for example.  Everything was going pretty well and I had been left in the kitchen and forgetting to turn off the radio I was able to listen to the cricket.  India had England under pressure but I remained hopeful given the time left in the day.  She is working upstairs in the office and all is good in the world.

Until he arrived.  You know the one, the plum smuggler.  He popped over on the basis of something I care not one jot to recall and actually had the audacity to manhandle me.  Apparently I am a rather cute bear.  I swear to god his breath smelled very much like a dildo.

And before you ask I have it on very good authority after that time I was left upstairs and he had been away with work and she had taken to drinking and watching ‘Magic Mike’.  For a while after she tried to get him to dance for her but he tripped and fell on his erection one night after she tried to get him to shake it a little too rigorously and he ended up in accident and emergency.

Turns out you can’t break your dick despite his assertions to the contrary.

Anyway, they ruined a perfectly good afternoons cricket.  Bastards the lot of them.


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