What Teddy saw. 5.

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Just remember, when you think nobody is watching and you do those things you ought to be ashamed of me and my kind are around and we do not have the luxury of forgetting.

In fact, we have surprisingly long memories.

I know a Steiff bear called Gerald who I met at the park a while back who is to this day still traumatised by what he saw someone do with a lukewarm cheese fondu and a packet of cocktail sausages back in the seventies.  He says things were different back then and were willing to try all sorts but the dead look in his eyes tells me that he has seen too much.

So next time you stand in front of the fridge in the middle of the night scratching yourself and then eating cold mashed potatoes with your hands think again.  I would claw your face off if I could but alas I have to suffer watching you handle raw poultry in an unhygienic fashion and then wonder why the toilets are always blocked and the kids aren’t at school because they gambled on a fart.

Seriously, just think okay – we all have to live in the same house and it wouldn’t hurt you to think of others now and then.



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