What Teddy saw. 5.

The one with the scratching

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Just remember, when you think nobody is watching and you do those things you ought to be ashamed of me and my kind are around and we do not have the luxury of forgetting.

In fact, we have surprisingly long memories.

I know a Steiff bear called Gerald who I met at the park a while back who is to this day still traumatised by what he saw someone do with a lukewarm cheese fondu and a packet of cocktail sausages back in the seventies.  He says things were different back then and were willing to try all sorts but the dead look in his eyes tells me that he has seen too much.

So next time you stand in front of the fridge in the middle of the night scratching yourself and then eating cold mashed potatoes with your hands think again.  I would claw your face off if I could but alas I have to suffer watching you handle raw poultry in an unhygienic fashion and then wonder why the toilets are always blocked and the kids aren’t at school because they gambled on a fart.

Seriously, just think okay – we all have to live in the same house and it wouldn’t hurt you to think of others now and then.



Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

23 thoughts on “What Teddy saw. 5.”

  1. I like Teddy and I like his worldly Steiff bear friend called Gerald too … both of them would like to “unsee” a few things in our imperfect world. This is great stuff and I hope you continue it Michael.

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  2. Absolutely I quite enjoyed teddy I’ve moved him and a number of things to a weekly schedule to try and give myself a little more order in my life because I have the rugby season coming up and it takes up so much of my time so I’m kind of looking at a schedule of posting every 6 hours

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  3. I like Teddy’s take on life. 🙂 I think Teddy came in while I was in Reader last nite. I’ve been working on a Brief for weeks and had to stay late almost every night – it’s messed up my own writing and reading schedule and I’ve gotten behind. Thankfully he is flyspecking this tome now so I can file it electronically and life can hopefully be restored to order.

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  4. Fingers crossed youll get back to your walking and reading and writing soon. I know that itchy feeling all too well when life gets in the way and you miss doing things…

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  5. Well yesterday was an ugly day – was on the way out to a 5K and it rumbled a little, then a torrential downpour before I even got the car out of the garage. I had figured that might happen as the day grew nearer … third 5K this year I got rained on (I stayed home each time) and the only one I walked in, we just finished and it poured raining. It rained off and on all day yesterday – this morning it is quite foggy.

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  6. its funny how often we seem to experience a change in the weather when you do. I don’t know much about meteorological matters but I do notice it quite often when I read your posts

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  7. That’s interesting – I don’t know about meteorological patterns either, but if you are having the same weather as us, we are scheduled for an El Nino Winter this year, which means less snow and milder – hope that happens for both of us.

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  8. Hopefully you don’t get all that snow that you had last year. We have oppressive heat today again – “real feel” of 96 degrees and some severe weather tomorrow or Wednesday to break the heat. It has been one long Summer.

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  9. Oh well maybe this is where our difference starts to kick in because it’s been rather wet and windy here and feel some more like autumn although it’s meant to brighten up again this weekend full stop my family are all fisherman and go way back and they will always insist that 5 days after whatever you get across the Atlantic the west coast over he would get it

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