August 8, 2017

You absolute tanka!

It’s TANKA time!

Note to self.  First 5 lines set the scene, next two express how I feel about said scene.  I’ll give it a try.  Not sure whether they will be serious or not yet…

How he hates himself

All night cavorting naked

Vodka fuelled hookers

This morning he has no pride

And he has crabs, poor fellow

Pride march, jubilant

See the hate on their faces

Those who disapprove

Get them an umbrella it’s

Raining men hallelujah!


How she hates his face

such pride, always being right

Her mum wasn’t wrong

She hid her joy when he died

And got herself a boob job

See him strut, such pride

Men hating as from the hot

Women, he chooses

Still alone night after night

4 inches is not average


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Photo courtesy of Peterkraayvanger @  Pixabay

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  1. OH, my goodness! These are absolutely great! I love your creativity. I got a great laugh at some of them. 😀 ❤



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