Tomorrow maybe


Light golden streams through broken windows

dust dancing on the rays illuminating broken furniture and broken man

He stirs from dreams dark and lucid with eyes hollow

And reaches, smile fading, for what is long lost

while through his fingers glittering hope slips and drips

spiralling downwards and gurgling away

until aching, shaking, breaking he rises

and stumbles, stomach rumbling

and so another day begins cup in hand and faithful dog in tow

hoping perhaps tomorrow will be different


Still and silent

He sinks slowly beneath the lapping waves of regret

with heavy heart and harsh words caught still in his mouth

too late too little and two no more he sinks

weighed down by all he will not admit yet craves forgiveness for

and then,  into quiet dark silence

where heart is still and one last time he mouths the words

that she will never hear


Where the heart is

Cold pavements and newspaper blankets rustle

Slowly through empty bottle eased into slumber

And restless under open skies he once more returns home

To open arms and child’s delights he runs and tear streaked cheeks welcome kisses

And she stands with smile and love and watches

She sees the man that he once was

Yet with dawn with dread he wakes once more

And packs away and moves along again