More words…

She hides herself, thoughts tucked away

Inside a box, paint peeling, worn and cracked

Beneath a bed where lies are told when night smothers day

And from the corners voices call of things she always lacked

Sepia faded could-have-beens hang crooked on the walls

that echo words she should have said

but lips fell silent, never answered late night desperate calls

and lovers tender touch that lived somewhere only in her head

For heart’s are tender, yet she craves what would have been

Picks flowers from him, the one that smiled, or so she thought

And how it lead to all the beauty still unseen

That might have been, but years pass, and still has come to nought

And so once more she lifts the lid and places hope inside

Dust filled, it sits, another day perhaps, maybe

And voices call, quicky it closes, time to hide

Tears in the dust, no one will ever see