my quest to determine whether a limerick can make the most horrid subject a little less so…

Just a poem about a couple of blokes on a tandem.

Originally posted on Life lessons:
My mother-in-law had finished her lecture (for the nth time), about how she had efficiently looked after my husband and his brother when they were just babies in their cloth diapers. Presumably she had had sleepless nights, mornings full of work, illnesses to be dealt with, school work and possibly…

Just back from the pub and I have a little time to do some scribbling so will permit myself some whimsical haiku

I Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that has clicked, read, liked and followed me since I turned up on here just a couple of weeks ago.

Now as it turns out, across the collective 11256 recognised civilisations registered at the Central Galactic Office for Sentience more than two thirds have something culturally equivalent to a nice cup of tea.