A limerick about flatulence fetish perhaps?

It is Monday after all. Just about. It just about rhymes. Kinda.

Eproctophilia out in the garden

met a flatulent lass “Beg your pardon”

She proclaimed, did a toot

He breathed in her bum fruit

And it gave him a fart fuelled huge hardon

Look I know, takes some effort reading it but it just kind of slipped out.  Reminded me of the time I did those haiku about fetishes and then when I was teaching in that time and left the research on the laptop when I plugged in in front of about twenty 10 year olds.


Not really. It just rhymed so…well you know how it goes. It’s a bit clumsy but…meh. It’s something.

Our babysitter, mum’s brother Remus

had a rather large, quite hairy penis

As kids I’d share a bath

with my brother, such a laugh

and my uncle would climb in between us