X is for X-Rated

The time I nearly taught a class of 11 year olds about fetish sex by accident

A few days ago I wrote here about volunteering to teach code in a nearby school.  I expressed a degree of nervousness over the endeavour but was nonetheless excited at the prospect of sharing something of what I love.
Last Thursday came and went and for the most part it went rather well.  The children  were engaged and excited by the lesson, I am now known as “Mr Code Man” – which I absolutely love, and I will be returning this week.
It was touch and go though because of an issue with the content of my internet browser.
If you have read my blog then you might know that I wrote a whole series of posts on the crazy sexual fetish’s that are out there and much of my research came from a Huffington post article.  Now there is nothing deviant or inappropriate on my laptop.  My theory on such things is dont lie or hide things then you don’t have to remember anything.
Seems though that I happened to bookmark this particular site.  Just imagine the scene…
I hook up my laptop to the gigantic electronic screen in the classroom and it displays my desktop for them to see.  There was a small matter of XBOX alerts popping up because my kids were enjoying a snow day at home and I monitor their messages on my laptop.  Nothing untoward though and I quickly turned the alerts off.  It actually earned me kudos with the older boys in the class.
So there I stand, facing the twenty or so little faces and another 5 teaches and I click the browser and it opens up and there on the screen, projected to a size of 3 metres wide is this.   Now I only have 2 bookmarks in my browser and here they are…
Now I noticed it straight away and as fast as I could fumbled around to close it but eventually yanked the output cable from my screen somewhat flustered and closed it down, my heart pounding in my chest.
I looked around and it seems I got away with it but god, can you imagine if I had clicked it by accident…

Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

28 thoughts on “X is for X-Rated”

  1. I love how you tell us ‘there is nothing deviant or inappropriate on my laptop…’ leaving us thinking ‘No,of course not, he keeps all that stuff on his desktop…’

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  2. Theres one where people get turned on by wide gaping canyons… And then elbow lovers..hmm and people horny for falling down stairs…oh and insect…

    Take your pick really!

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