Another one of these…

These things from which were crudely hewn

And in this expanse shaped and formed

Give way to  heart and hate and fires

that burn and fiercely do refine
This love that cuts and scars run deep

warm laughter hollow peaks then fades

And darkness melts at growing light

Which swells and soars, illuminating.
So come what will, we bend unbroken
Buffeted by winds of change

and edges soften, time moves onwards

rearranged and stained and aged.
Now take this thing I have become

With artists eye see shape and form

And lines, deep colours, shades and tones

this creation ever changing.


Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

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