Screw You Haiku

A little light haiku relief…

Proof that haiku do not always have to be serious…

The life of the clown

by day bringing joy, by night

he’s under your bed

night time toilet trip

lights out, think I saw a clown

run back to bed scared

Long hair and tight jeans

he watches her walk and lusts

bugger, it’s a bloke!

hot tea before bed

up three times throughout the night

Damn old man’s bladder!

Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

3 thoughts on “Screw You Haiku”

  1. Two sides to every story, two sides to every clown. Reading about him lusting after the long hair and tight jeans before discovering it’s a bloke, made me think of my years in the Creative Department of Y&R Ad Agency in the late 70s. It sure was the most sexist place to work and we had a young and very pretty Latina who used to wear those Candies shoes we discussed recently and jeans so tight I think she painted them on. She had quite a wiggle and I’d watch the men (my bosses actually) as they would wolf whistle and say “C’mon back Carmen; I wanna watch you walk away.” She loved the attention. Another secretary never tethered her big boobs and always wore tight sweaters and the guys would call her phone to watch her bouncing all the way down the hall to answer the phone. Like that would happen nowadays – ya right.

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  2. People are really too sensitive now … you don’t have to a women’s rights activist for any compliment you are paid, or because a male tells a female she looks good … I think in today’s world, it IS okay to have a male/female be friends without other connotations. But they took things a wee bit too far. I do wonder where she is now Michael? Does she look the same? I remember seeing one of the girls from high school … pretty, cheerleaders, etc. etc. We were at the grocery store … she’s pushing a grocery cart with a kid in the seat, one in the buggy, one screaming its head off next to her and she was very pregnant. Thought to myself “what the hell happened to Jill Diakow?” Strange the things you think of after all these years. My 50-year reunion is this year, but I’m not going. I lost touch with lots of people and the five girls I was close to, we got together once and had nothing in common.


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