Haiku perhaps?

Let’s continue the summer theme shall we. There are some sights out there to be seen for sure.

Soaring temperatures

drunk shirtless methodone tramps

all the girls bits out

Today I did actually see what appeared to be a shirtless methadone tramp.  I think he had maybe lost his shirt though or left it in a dumpster because it didn’t seem to be about his person.  Curiously he also had one trouser leg rolled up to the knee whilst he wore the other in the more traditional fashion.

How do I know he was on something?  Well I don’t and I might be super judgy but I think walking down the middle of the road whispering to himself whilst staring wildly at passers by was a bit of a give away.

Still, I’m sure it was lovely to feel the sun on his back as he seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the fine weather we are having.

On the matter of flesh well, you just head down to the market here and you’ll see what I am on about.  Whilst I am all for body positivity whatever your shape or size that doesn’t mean I support adults wearing childrens clothes to go and eat sausage rolls on a bench outside of the bookies.



Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

14 thoughts on “Haiku perhaps?”

  1. Ha ha – the hot weather drags out the best sights and you could sit on a bench and just take it all in, with your mouth wide open and say Really?! at each successive sight. The tattoos here are unbelievable and you see them once the heat arrives. I have seen men in tank tops, tattoos on every part of exposed skin, shaved head and tats on necks, head … women with a lot of tattoos … I am talking every inch of their arms, neck and hands … just not on their face or head. And half dressed, hardly dressed and never the skinny or perfect weight people – nope, the fattest ones with the arse hanging out. OMG.

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  2. Hmm…

    I think I have a good eye for a methadone tramp and some with mental illness I think it was also a bit of a giveaway that he was heading towards the little place near where we work that gives away the methadone they quiet so politely for it

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  3. And it’s not even the “Dog Days of August” – what kind of fresh hell is this weather worldwide anymore. We’re getting that heat this Saturday – ugh. 96 and 106 degree heat index. Saw a pic of the Trump baby balloon in London today – made me smile.

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  4. I think so too and did you read how fast that crowdfunding took place – they far exceeded their original goal. I was watching a video of it getting inflated. They called it a “blimp” – well, if the shoe fits ….


  5. I happened to see the video but they did not say anything about it on the news – I saw it on Twitter in the trending topics. That is because the world was watching to see what FLOTUS would wear to the second visit to the border area where kids detained.


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