17 thoughts on “November’s random photos”

  1. That chicken is an unlikely photo in this collection but I like it. There are the “Smashing Pumpkins” and then there are the “Smooshed Pumpkins” – great pictures of the before and after pumpkins. That last food pic looked great … I looked above to see if anyone asked you what it was – well that egg mixture sure looks good on that pastry. I thought it was custard pie which made sense since it does have egg in it. Yummy looking!

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  2. It looked wonderful – I am a sucker for any kind of cheese and on pastry … well that’s a winner in my book. I’m bad about bread too, the more rustic the better. I did try that fresh French baguette that I bought for the geese – after years of eating whole-grain bread only, it was to die for!

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