10 thoughts on “June in photos”

  1. I see the cat demanded equal billing. πŸ™‚ Green here too since we had so much rain in June. We had the flooding in parts of Detroit and a neighboring city and a thousand vehicles were abandoned and bobbing around in the water on the freeway. I think that’s a real mouse, but is that a real rabbit too? Looks like the food was fun – chocolate-covered strawberries, mmmm.

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  2. The cats seldom get a look in These days,now that theo hogs the limelight…

    ThE mouse n rabbit are stone,.secreted into a wall in the middle of nowhere . near where a house once stood a hundred years ago…

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  3. I didn’t realize it was two cats and could not recall a cat in your monthly photos either. Yes, Theo’s the baby now. Interesting the mouse and rabbit are stone. I thought so on the rabbit, but the mouse looked real. Amazing, they’ve weathered many a storm through the years.

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