25 thoughts on “September’s random photos”

  1. You had a busy month of September and this is why we never saw much of you, along with your new job. No pink donut pictures. 🙂 I liked the picture of the policeman (bobby?) and the furry green creature and the guy and gal … interesting photo and a unlikely group.

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  2. Indeed it was crazy but hopefully some sort of normality now restored. Ill be positing on the diet most defo 🙂 It was a comic con in Leeds, great fun indeed!

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  3. We have those occasionally here as well. In fact, we had one earlier this year and a few days before it was to happen, the news station I listen to interviewed Margot Kidder. She gave a pretty vocal interview – I say that because she talked about her on-screen relationship with Christopher Reeve and said some real disparaging things about him. I never saw Superman so I don’t know anything about the movie. But they left the interview intact, except for the bleeped out stuff, and then a few days later she died. So, everyone was aflutter how this was the last interview she gave to the press and how outspoken she was.

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  4. Well, they have an interview on another station, a rock station. I did find that on YouTube. She pulls no punches and throws around a bunch of F bombs. Evidently she was in an interview with another news station and they shut down the interview. I just listened to this interview. She doesn’t really disparage Christopher Reeve here, but evidently she doesn’t like Val Kilmer. Interesting interview though … still sounds like she had a pint or two before giving the interview. Talks about Pierre Trudeau whom she had a relationship with for years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDb5kYupSrk

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  5. Glad you liked it Michael. They are former “shock jocks” who lost their gig as they wanted more money, so now they have podcasts out of one of their homes. She doesn’t hold back anything does she? She did not disparage Christopher Reeve as much in this interview as the other one and they bleeped out her F-bombs in that interview.

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  6. Yes, I was not aware of the incident prior to her being institutionalized … I usually always read a recap story like in People magazine or a New York Times obituary when famous people die and am surprised to discover things I missed, or maybe forgot about through the years. In the WWJ interview she got quite upset talking about Carrie Fisher and how she warned her about her drug use. She broke down a bit and the reporter steered her off that topic to recover the interview. And that was just four days before she died at her own hand.

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