Orion’s belt – Room 101

Another Room-101 flash fiction piece told in 101 words.

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt

“You smell like strawberries” carl said smiling running his hand through her hair.

Helen’s heart raced being so close to him, lying in the grass, head on his chest.  They’d only been together for a few months but she’d never felt like this before.

He raised a hand and pointed to a cluster of stars.  “See there, straight up from that tree, the three stars in a line? That’s Orion’s Belt.”

“Where did you learn about that?” she asked, sighing.

“My dad used to take us out camping as kids, he loved the stars.” He said wrapping his arms around her.



I know, no twist or anything macabre or weird or twisted or offensive.  I’m half way through this challenge I think and thought I would make the lack of a twist the twist.  I could have had him be an alien, or murder her or have a satellite fall on them or worse but some days, it’s just nice to be nice 😊


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Breezy Blunder – Room 101

Chief Hennessy wiped soot from his face.  “Thanks Kate, as far as preliminary reports show looks like a mains gas escape.”

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt

“Chief, Kate White Channel 8 News, can you tell us what happened?”

Chief Hennessy wiped soot from his face.  “Thanks Kate, as far as preliminary reports show looks like a mains gas escape.”

“Any reports of casualties?” she pressed.

“I can confirm two deceased occupants found on the premises.”

Two hours earlier

 “Bend over more” Ben howled holding the lighter to his brother’s bottom.

“It’s coming, light it, light it” Tobias shouted, eyes popping as he strained.

“You smell that?” Ben said suddenly looking about, his smile gone, lighter still burning.

“You smell this?” Tobias laughed, letting out a huge fart…

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Insignificant artefacts – Room 101

“On my mother’s life” Jeb answered “got them from a friend’s friend who works on the hill, 100% percent kosher.”

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt

“How much?” asked the hooded stranger.

Jeb smiled. “For you friend, twenty sheckles”.

“They’re the real thing?”

“On my mother’s life” Jeb answered “got them from a friend’s friend who works on the hill, 100% percent kosher.”

“Ok, I’ll take them” he said handing over a small cloth coin pouch.

Jeb turned, popping his head through the adajcent doorway.

“Malech, bring me the you know what’s.”

Both men stood, waiting while Malech went into the back, grabbed a random pair of heavy iron nails and wrapped them in a bloodied scrap of cloth.

“There you go boss” he said handing them over…

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Flaming Arrows – Room 101

…”I thought they’d make a lovely couple” Cupid said folding his arms defiantly….

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt

“Cupid what are you doing” J shouted grabbing the bow.

“I thought they’d make a lovely couple” he said folding his arms defiantly.

“You know who they, why would you do that?”

Cupid paused, his eyes narrowing.

“Do you know what it’s like watching all these people living and loving?” He snapped, “I have nothing, no-one.   I haven’t even got a decent change of bloody clothes, I’m done!”

J looked down at the couple in the coffee shop queue, separated at birth now unexpectedly reunited.

“Just wait until they find out she’s pregnant”  Cupid laughed,  “they’re gonna need some serious therapy”

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Killing Curiosity – Room 101

Another Room-101 flash fiction piece told in 101 words.

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt

“Peter, Mate” said Barnabas looking confused “they’re never ever going to believe all of this surely.”

Peter laughed.  “Trust me, they’ll believe anything we tell them.  They fell for that stuff about coming back from the dead didn’t they.”

Barnabas  looked uncomfortable.  “They’re not stupid they’ll find out, then what?”

Paul put down his quill.  “Tell you what we’ll do” he said scratching his chin, “we’ll tell them if they don’t believe it then they’ll …” Peter paused searching for words.

“Suffer for eternal damnation?” offered Barnabas

“Oh that’s good” said Peter making a note on his parchment grinning “that’s real good.”


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Fatties in Space – Part 4

Okay so I know I said they were done but I miss them terribly so thought I would give it another go.

Part 1 is here, Part 2 can be found here and part 3 is right here.  It’s best to read those first if you like poems and such about fat people shagging in space.  Yes I know that’s not a real thing but its just a bit of fun.  Use your imagination. 🙂


Now they’re back down on earth and they ask “was it worth

all our savings are gone nothing’s left”

they then think of the lust and the force of the thrust

unencumbered by both of their heft


And they smile and decide with a grin rather wide

that they know then what needs to transpire

their large bulk to reduce, live on veges and juice

for their loins are still moist and on fire


So Pilates and gym in a quest to get thin

bums and tums every day before dawn

and he works on each ab somewhere beneath the flab

protein shakes he wolfs down with each yawn


And at night they pursue new positions or two

just to test what they might just achieve

head down butt in the air he grabs hold of her hair

a bit easier his weight he does heave


“Oh delight” he exclaims and the weight loss he blames

for the pounding he brings as she squeals

and her bottom he slaps and they take far more naps

cos they’re at it like bunnies twixt meals


So each morning she runs as he works on his guns

as she sweats bosoms bounce up and down

whilst her nipples are tender shes a wee bit more slender

but its worth it the way he goes down


Like hes eating a cake or delish philly steak

cos shes somewhat more flexi these days

and instead of meat pies he’s devouring her thighs

sometimes 2, 3 or 4 different ways


and shes quicker to squeeze into camel toe jeans

and there’s far less a chance of them splitting

he can see past his gut as she role plays a slut

and he watches her licking and spitting


then a salad for dinner and he says “you look thinner”

she replies “your man boobs look so small”

and he touches her hand says “I’m so glad I’m your man”

she smiles “I think we have it all”








Fatties in Space Part 3 – Definitely still not for kiddies

You’d have thought I’d have given up on this idea by now wouldn’t you. But no. No I haven’t.

Part 1 is here and part 2 is here.  You really need to read those first for this to make much sense.  Not that it makes much sense.


The big day came around, as our pair left the ground

and to space they did head quite excited

soon of gravity free they would quite happily

give into their lust now ignited


Not constrained by their girth or the pull of the earth

they were sure to express their desire

to the chamber they floated, rotund hot and bloated

loins smouldered then soon set on fire


Hungry mouths warm wet lips bulging crotch quite pert nips

they cavorted and drifted through space

arching backs roaming hands loves wet warmth swollen glands

In huge bosom he buries his face


Set free from their weight, she’s the food on his plate

he devours from angles quite kinky

with his mouth he then pleases his tongue he then teases

and lord look where he just stuck his pinky


Heaving flesh they’re entwined to their passion resigned

hungry mouths they consume head to feet

Right way upside down how they both go to town

Like that time at the all you can eat


Now the entree is done and its time for more fun

its the main, shes bent over and waiting

Massive buttocks quite round what a sight most profound

he approaches his mouth salivating


Hands on hips legs akimbo, head thrown back like a limbo

how he handles her bulk into place

with no effort he fills her the pleasure it thrills her

Just like ribs, puts a smile on her face


Then with coital alignment and subtle refinement

its doggy, jack hammer then twister

little dipper, wheel barrow, for her age she’s quite narrow

though the Zebra Lunge gave her a blister


As they peak in their lust one more move is a must

and he grabs her and spins her around

They explode with delight and embrace close and tight

For the pleasure and love they have found


She caresses his chins and quite sated she grins

satisfied for the first time in years

pudding eyes drink her in shes his goddess of sin

such pleasure it brings them to tears


Well I think that is enough really.  I will miss them,








TJ’s Haiku Challenge: Flower & Simply

Dirty haiku about Mick Hucknall

Before you read this you really ought to familiarise yourself with the man that is Mick Hucknall.  But be wary of getting too close, he is surely smouldering.


Oh sweet Mick Hucknall

Simply red and solo king

Titian haired flower


Lover of repute

scores deflowered, fiery lord

simply delicious


ladies simply swoon

Flowery ginger bollocks

rampant love machine


flower, oh simply

I want to fall from the stars

straight into your arms


Okay so I never intended to suddenly be writing dirty poetry about Mick Hucknall but hey, that is the lure of the man!  




Fatties in space – The Poem. Not for kiddies

Fatties in space returns but not quite as you might have wanted.

You really should read this first before proceeding, but you don’t have to – it will just make more sense if you do..I am not ready for the full story but thought I would start exploring story lines through the medium of poetry.


It’s a tale of the round, and the girthy who found

a real love, one that’s true , one that’s strong

and the passion they share, but they’re rather aware

that they just cannot ‘go’ for that long.


For rotund they both are and alas the pair far

From in shape, ‘less that shape is a ball

He has always been big from when he was a kid

And she got real fat after a fall


So both desperate to please one another and tease

In the bedroom they try to delight

So as well as whipped cream for this sexy young team

Nacho cheese and choc pudding tonight


But they try none the less, she fits into a dress

Far too small for a gal of her size

but he gazes with love, says “it fits like a glove”

Then devours her like burger and fries


He heaves up his full frame, and she calls out his name

legs akimbo his hands on her hips

says “I fancy some kink, here what do you think?”

and eats onion rings from her nips


But before it begins pudding still on his chins

and the nacho cheese on her top lip

his legs started to cramp and she’s barely got damp

he tries hard but he’s losing his grip


“That’s enough” she cries out, “I do not want to shout

But I’ve needs and I need to be drilled”

So she books them a flight, taking off the next night

On the love ship, she will be fulfilled


For it heads into space at a jolly quick pace

They’ll be freed of this gravity curse

Yes it cost all they’ve saved, but they’re feeling depraved

And she wants to dress up as a nurse


So next time I will tell, and use words such as swell

And engorge and perhaps Ill use thrust

And Ill tell a bit more and you might just adore

The next verse in this tale of fat lust



More stuff?  No?  I understand…

Get well soon limericks 


More tea vicar ? 

Weekend Away – Daily Two-Word Prompt #102 / Daily Prompt

Flo and Darren plan a dirty weekend away…

A couple I know, call them Darren and Flo

Decided some “them” time was needed

So they packed off the boys, with their books clothes and toys

to grand parents to whom they had pleaded


“Please just for tonight, they said they won’t fight

and we’ll set off back early to home

they’re really not bad, and we’d be oh so glad!”

half a weekend away – all alone!


To a hotel they drove, up the coast near the cove

lovely beach, seafood joint and big bed 😉

“This is just what we need!” Flo declared, he agreed

“Dirty weekend away!” Darren said.


Hand on thigh as they drive,  not too late they arrive

short trek, they retire to the bed

“in the mood?” he enquires,  but alas it transpires

Flo then asks for some pills for her head.


“Just unpack – in a while, I’ll be fine” Flo does smile

“Then I’m yours you can do as you will!

you can tie me and ravage, go to town get quite savage

but for now will you get me my pill?”


“Yes of course” he agrees… he would tremble her knees

just like when they first met way back when

and they’d make love all night – what a glorious sight

they’d skip breakfast and start it again.


But to his great despair, fast asleep in the chair

he awakes with a knock at the door

Knock, Knock, Knock  “it’s House keeping… you awake or you sleeping?””

The evening had promised much more!


Still a breakfast enjoyed as they talk of the boys

and how odd it is here all alone

“Do you think they’re okay?” Daz to Flo then does say

“Let me call them quick, pass me my phone”


It turns out they were fine, “slept from 8 through ’till 9

been no bother at all!” Gran does say

“Did you have a good night, was the hotel alright,

shall I tell them you’re now on you’re way?”


“So perhaps not quite bliss” Darren says with a kiss

and Flo smiles as he kisses her head

“at least we slept well, and were rested and hell

we woke up with no kids in the bed!”


Fancy something else?





Picture courtesy of espressoili @ pixabay