Teleporting Topless – Room 101

Clarke reached for the key on the panel, an array of lights blinking.

Let’s do another month of M’s prompts shall we.  101 words allowed only.  These tend to be snippets of things that could be or might be one day.  Or never see the light of day again.

Clarke reached for the key on the panel, an array of lights blinking.

“First full human trials commencing in 5…” He said looking up at a camera in the corner of the room.  Reaching zero he turned the key.

A bright flash lit up the room, static electricity fizzing and popping as the form of a person began to take shape on the receiver.  The air crackled as first feet and then legs took form.  Clarke waited heart racing.  The fizz popped and stopped.

His comms unit barked into life. “Boss, we have a problem.”

Clarke stared at the platform.   “Oh shit”



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Butter Brickle – Underworld 3

Marcus Henderson was born to a poor mid-west family just after the second American civil war. 

Let’s do another month of M’s prompts shall we.   I used to do 101 words, hence the title but I am scrapping the restriction.  They will still be a brief.

Part 1 is here

Part 2 is here

Marcus Henderson was born to a poor mid-west family just after the second American civil war.  His parents had picked the wrong side and they had paid a heavy price for those decisions for years afterwards.  Like so many who had felt it was their duty to reclaim the America of their forefathers his father had died a broken man and his mother a shell of the tender and caring woman he remembered from his very earliest years.

As he walked towards the Zip station he thought of them and of the promise he had made his father as he lay dying, his body riddled with radiation poisoning. He would have been proud of the man he had become.  Proud of his sense of duty and his loyalty to family and a cause that still lived silently in the heart of so many.

“Don’t forget what they did” he could still hear him saying.

With rain falling and the inky blackness of night now descended on the city he reached into his pocket and fingered a small wad of credits.  Just enough to get him to the Airport and then it was off planet.  He gripped the briefcase more tightly and turned a corner.  The Zip station was just a block ahead and he quickened his pace.

“I’ve done it” he said aloud and allowed himself to smile.  It was probably his first smile in years.

Unfortunately for Marcus Henderson, with the exception of a brief moment where he managed to muster a “what the…”, those were the last words to ever leave his mouth.

From the corner of his eye he caught a blur of motion, a whiff of perfume and then he was suddenly dragged back into a small loading alley running parallel to the main walkway.  He felt arms around his throat and despite kicking frantically he could not fight back.

There was a brief “Shh” in his ear and in one swift movement there was a crack as his neck snapped and he slumped lifeless to the floor.

“Heavier than I thought” Jessica said to herself looking down at him and reaching down and prying the briefcase from his fingers which she placed it on the ground next to a dumpster.  She then went through his pockets and found his cash, ID Papers and a packet of butter brittle.

“Sweet tooth eh” she said.  “Don’t you know sugar will kill you sugar.”

She didn’t have time to get him into the dumpster and pulled him out of sight.  Not a minute too soon too as she heard hurried footsteps and through the patter of the rain  listened as the two hooded men walked past oblivious to what had just happened.

“He must have headed into the station” she heard one say.  There was definitely the hint of a Russian accent.

“Head up to the main concourse” the second told him breaking into a run, “I’ll check the departures.”

Jessica stood in the darkness, rain falling, and listened to the their receding footsteps.

“Job done” she said to herself and picked up the case and pushed the cash and ID papers into her jacket pocket.  She tossed the butter brittle at the dead man’s feet.

“Nothing personal Marcus” she said heading back out into the night, “I’m just doing my job.”

Moonlit Excursions – Underworld 2

Heads turned as she walked into the club, a dozen pairs of desperate lonely eyes drinking her in as eagerly as they suffered what passed as beer in this place

Let’s do another month of M’s prompts shall we.   I used to do 101 words, hence the title but I am scrapping the restriction.  They will still be a brief.  This is a follow up to one I did yesterday which you can find here…

Marcus Henderson was a fragile man, and he had for many years enjoyed his ill health about as much as he was enjoying the second beer just put before him.

He nodded a thanks to the bar tender and pushed a handful of credits towards him.  He didn’t really want the beer, and he didn’t want to be here, but somehow this is where he was and he had no idea why.   He just needed to be anywhere but there.

The original young girl on the stage had been replaced by her more voluptuous colleague, an engineered model no doubt given the size of her assets, and she was making easy work of hoisting herself up and down the pole.

“You not thirsty Marcus honey” she asked in her warm southern drawl, her red lips lingering on the ‘M’ just a little too long.  “You dont want it to get warm now.”

He pushed it away and readied himself as if to leave.  He looked up slowly as he spoke.

“It was very nice to meet you Miss…” He paused.

“Call Me Jessica, Marcus.  Very nice to meet you.”

“Likewise” he said  shaking her hand and then quickly pulling away.  “I must be going though” he added nervously “I have a dirigible to catch”  and with that he rose from his stool, pulled his coat tight and with his briefcase clutched to his chest he headed towards the exit and the neon night beyond.

“Be safe now you hear” she said as he walked away and up a small flight of steps to the club door.  She picked up movement from a dark corner and her eyes instinctively scanned the room and she watched two dark coated men rise and follow him as he left.  “Fuck” she said finishing her drink.  How did they know he was here?  She needed to act, and she needed to act fast or everything was going to go south fast.

“Thank you sugar” she said to the barman, waiting a few moments and then made for the exit.

The fizz and hiss of Neon lit the night, high sided buildings adorned with luminous invites to whatever dark craving you might call normal.  Across the road she spotted the two men weave between the street side vendors and the corporate nobodies that filled this part of time once night fell.  Pockets full and empty lives they moved from joint to joint in search of something that would pass for entertainment.

Heels or not she wasn’t letting this one get away and she skipped between the traffic shortening the distance between herself and Marcus’ followers and tucked in behind a  broad shouldered Colony Marine who seemed to be heading in the same direction.  Billows of steam hissed from street vents and the calls and cries of the market traders fought with the buzz of the traffic as she passed endless shopfronts selling everything from trinkets to weapons and somewhere in between you’d find the off-world girls and occasionally boys for those with an appetite for something a little different and a wallet to match.

She pulled the collar of her leather jacket up around her ears and darted from behind the marine and down a small side alley.  He had said he needed to catch a dirigible and given that there was only one zip station in the precinct that had a direct link to the airport she knew where he was going.  More importantly, she knew how to get there faster.

She picked up her pace and winding through near dark allies she headed for the zip station.  Here beyond the main strip and the glow of the neon hooded faces skulked in the shadows.

“What you after darling?” A tall thin man asked as she skirted the pools of water and garbage.  He reached a hand towards her and her eyes flashed bright, the glow of electric blue cutting through the darkness.

“H-hey sorry” he stammered recoiling in fear “I’m not looking for no trouble” he continued and hurried inside a dark doorway.

Jessica never broke stride and as she heard the clang of the door closing she rounded a corner and found herself just one block from the zip station.  She looked up feeling the first drops of rain beginning to fall, and there was a feint rumble of thunder in the distance.

They would have to come this way, and when they did she would be waiting.


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Shades of Chartreuse – Underworld 1

Heads turned as she walked into the club, a dozen pairs of desperate lonely eyes drinking her in as eagerly as they suffered what passed as beer in this place

Let’s do another month of M’s prompts shall we.   I used to do 101 words, hence the title but I am scrapping the restriction.  They will still be a brief.  This might be the start of something.  Might well be a ‘To be continued…’  Actually, it could even be a middle or an end never mind a beginning.

Heads turned as she walked into the club, a dozen pairs of desperate lonely eyes drinking her in as eagerly as they suffered what passed as beer in this place.  With legs as long as her skirt was short she sidled up to the bar and effortlessly perched on the stool.

“Chartreuse” she said in a voice as smooth as silk.  The bartender nodded.

The room was dim enough to hide even the darkest of secrets and across from the bar on a small stage, lit only by a single spot that cut through the swirls of cigarette smoke, a pretty young thing wound slowly around a pole – her eyes dead and her mind anywhere but here.

“What’s your story” she asked a small balding man in a long dark overcoat sat two stools away.

He said nothing, staring deep into his glass.  He held a small battered briefcase on his lap and even when he drank kept one hand on it.

She took the glass of yellow green liquid from the bartender and slipped him ten credits.  “Keep the change sweetness” she said smiling.  He blushed awkwardly.  She was unnervingly beautiful.

“Not a talker eh” she continued, taking a sip from the glass.  “Well you cant come for the liquer either” she said putting it down, “so I guess you’re here for the girls then”.

“Im m-m-married” he answered.  She watched him for a moment.  He was small and very pale and beads of sweat glistened in the dim light.

“Aren’t you all sweetheart” she answered smiling and down one seat.  “Things not good at home then?” she asked.

“Everything’s fine” he answered curtly cradling the briefcase in his lap more tightly.

“That’s what my ex used to say” she said circling the rim of the glass with her forefinger “He’d say everything was fine and then I’d find him with Tracy or Kimberley or Julie or whoever the girl of the day was.”

The small pale man turned his head to look at her before quickly looking back down at the bar.

“He must have been a fool” he muttered.

“Oh thank you sweetheart” she said placing a hand on his arm.  Her bright blue twinkled as she flashed him broad smile   “I’m long past holding grudges though, he’s nothing but a story to me these days.  A distant memory and nothing more.”

He quickly took a drink from his almost empty glass.

“What’s your name sugar?” she asked.

“Henderson” he replied.

“First or last?” She teased.

“Marcus.  My name’s Marcus” he said.  She noticed him move ever so slightly towards her on his stool.

“Well Marcus” she said taking another drink from her glass, “Here’s to things being just fine.”


I think I might try continue this tomorrow…the prompt could work.  Moonlight Excursions.

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Stripped and polished – Room 101

As the bar began to empty her long nails traced patterns on his arm.  

Let’s do another month of M’s prompts shall we.  101 words allowed only.

As the bar began to empty her long nails traced patterns on his arm.

“Nice colour” he said nervously

“You like it?” She asked smiling.  Of course he did. They all did.


She laughed leaning over and whispering in his ear.  “It’s blood red.”  The feel of her breath on his skin made his head spin and her perfume filled his senses.  “It’s of my own making” she continued, her nails now digging into his thigh.

“R-really” he stuttered, his jeans suddenly rather tight.

“Yes” she answered taking his hand and smiling.  “Come with me I’ll show you how.”


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Frosty Goes Wild – Room 101

This one’s bloody awful. Sorry.

Let’s do another month of M’s prompts shall we.  101 words allowed only.

The cold wind stole her breath and the smell of tobacco filled her nostrils as gnarled fingers wrapped tight around her throat and pushed her up against the wall.

“Mmmm” She gasped, the moon reflecting on his deathly pale skin.

“Shut up” he snapped squeezing tighter, Ice running through her veins as she looked into eyes dark as coal. You “like carrots?” he asked, his laugh echoing through the night.

Struggling against his grip she gasped as he forced her slowly to her knees.

“Damn, there really must have been some magic in that old silk hat” he said grinning wildly.


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Swayed and seduced – Room 101

The colour spilled from Nick’s usually ruddy cheeks as he pushed open the dorm room door.

Let’s do another month of M’s prompts shall we.  101 words allowed only.


Her heart raced as his hands rested on her hips and he pulled her closer.  She didn’t even know his name and right now she didn’t care.

She pressed herself against him and felt the thud of the music throughout her body.  His warm breath on her neck sent shivers down her spine and he whispered into her ear.

“Want to get out of here?”

She nodded, and as they left the bar her phone beeped.

Having a good time?

Bit boring babe wish you were here x see you later.

She closed the message screen and turned off the phone.



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My Weekly Fetish Haiku – 15 December

I want to F-F-F-Fu-Fu

Instead of stopping these it was suggested that I simply do one a week instead.  I’m sure you know which one this is right …


Just imagine the scene.  She undresses, he watches her.  She begins to speak…

I wa-wa-wa-want

To t-t-take you and then

lick you d-d-d

and at that point the whole thing was apparently over and done with in a right old sticky mess.  Who knew, but it is by all accounts the arousal when confronted with stuttering.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks – Room 101

Saving the worst for last.

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt

Okay.  This is the last Room 101 and the most stupid and rubbish.  It is an unedited version that I bashed out and when I read it I had not a clue what the hell was going on.  Broomsticks made me think witches, bedknobs made me think bed knobs and that got me to dildo’s and suddenly we have this abomination.  It made me laugh though so stupid is it and I thought I would leave it as it is as a reminder to myself that its okay to have a really crappy first draft and sometimes ideas just don’t work.

The swirling contents of the large Iron pot hissed and fizzed as Hilda tossed in a handful of wolfsbane.  “Agnes, fetch the stranglewort from my bag” She asked leaning over the pot.

“This is brewing up very nicely indeed” she said to herself cackling.

“This?” Agnes said holding up a small silver bottle she’d taken from a large cloth bag.

“No no girl” Hilda snapped.

“How about this?” she said presenting a posy of white flowers.

“No, STRANGLEWORT” Hilda said angrily.”

Agnes rummaged around.

“This?” she said holding up large wooden dildo.

Hilda blushed.

“Let’s just leave it out shall we…”

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The art of boredom – Room 101

Ever feel like this is all just one big joke?

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt

“Boss, that’s a terrible idea” Caleb said shaking his head.

AJ smiled, his brown eyes twinkling.  “I’m telling you they’re stupid enough to fall for it.”

“You think?”

“Oh absolutely, remember Hitler?.  You underestimate their self-destructive nature.”

“But why?  Seriously?”

AJ huffed.  “I’m bored.  Bored of this planet, bored of these people.  I really do need a new assignment.” He paused, sensing Caleb was almost persuaded.  “Plus it could be hilarious, especially when it comes out what he did to his daughter.”

“Fine” said Caleb resigned.  “But don’t blame me when head office find out.”

AJ grinned.  “Good call, good call”

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Ceiling wax – Room 101

Sam closed his eyes and pulled the blankets over his head to block out the scuttling of the creature across the ceiling…

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt


Sam closed his eyes and pulled the blankets over his head to block out the scuttling of the creature across the ceiling.  He knew it was there, he could see the trail it left.  Every night it appeared, crawling and scratching and watching him as he slept.

He would wake his mother screaming but she simply could not see it.

“There’s nothing there” she’d insist before kissing him on the forehead and tucking him in tightly.

“It’s just a dream Samuel” she would say as she closed the door.

The creature scuttled into the dark recess of the corner and waited…

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Never-ending sugar cubes – Room 101

Sugar? Or are you already sweet enough?

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt

Splosh plink went the sugar cube as Damien dropped it into his tea.  He reached back into the bowl and with the silver tongs took two more.

“Lady Grey” he said taking a sip, “It’s rather good you know, a classic black tea with the fragrant flavour of orange, bergamot and lemon.”

His guest did not reply.

“Yes, really helps to get the fatty taste out of one’s mouth when the flesh begins to sour” he said stirring slowly.

Again there was no reply.

He was going to need a new guest for dinner, this one was decidedly on the turn.

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Temporary Turmoil – Room 101

By the light of the silvery moooooooon

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt


Darrell tossed and turned, his sleep filled with the sounds of ripping flesh and snapping bone.  Heart racing and the metallic taste of blood in his mouth he called out but his cries were strangled by the thick darkness that surrounded him.

Fighting the frantic fear that consumed his mind, his blood coursed through his veins and burned like rivers of fire as he raised a hand to his face to see only claws and fur and blood.

“Nooo” he screamed sitting up in bed, his breathing heavy, sheets wet with sweat and a full moon streaming through the bedroom window.

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Wheezing and sneezing – Room 101

Some families aren’t always what they seem…

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt

“Dude what the hell have you done?”

“I know I know, but he was keeping me awake all night every night.  I couldn’t take it anymore, I snapped.”

“So you just bashed his head in?  No one complains about you.”

“You gotta understand man, the wheezing – it never stopped.  Night after night it just went on and on and on I couldn’t take it.”

“Oh the boss is so going to go ballistic man.”

“Shit shit shit shit shit!”

“Get a mop, bucket and tarpaulin.  We’ll sort it”

“Oh gosh thanks man really, thank you!

“The seven dwarfs sounds better anyway…”


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Crunchy munchies – Room 101

You know that feeling when you just gotta have something to eat…

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt


Granville sat back, chemical pleasure coursing through his veins.

“Food” he thought grabbing a large bag of crisps pushing handfuls of day glow orange goodness into his mouth.

“Oh so good” he said  as his mind did a triple somersault and the television turned into a Shetland pony.  “Soooo good”.

Handful after handful he shovelled into his cavernous mouth until they were all gone, his fingers thick with their dust.

“Eat them” shouted the Shetland mounting a mermaid that had 5 minutes earlier been a coat rack.

“Then join us” she said winking.

Granville grinned, opened his mouth and bit down…

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Iridescent truths – Room 101

Seems we all have our dirty little secrets…

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt

Cheap neon buzzed and flickered as James slipped inside the building, hood pulled down hiding his face.

God he hated himself for doing this.  Such lack of control, suck desperation, so many lies.  God the lies were killing him.

Most of all though he hated betraying Cath.  Since he’d lost his job she’d returned to work,  now she was never home and never had time for him.

“It’s not my fault” he told himself pulling the door closed, unbuckling his jeans, “I have needs, I’m only human.”

“James what the fu…” came Cath’s voice as his boxers slipped to the floor.

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Fractured Figures – Room 101

A destructive tale of attraction

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt


Penny watched from the shadows at the people walking by, all so oblivious to the dark creatures clinging desperately to them.

Helpless she followed a creature of jealousy and anger draw its host slowly towards a pretty red haired girl, surrounded by a pall of self doubt and fear.

There was nothing she could do, and she already knew how it would end – badly.

He smiled, offering his number.  “I’m Dan” he said.

She blushed and took it, “Im Emma.”

The creatures grinned and hissed in delight.  Grandma said it was a gift, but to her it was a curse.

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Naked Canvas – Room 101

Ever wonder where people get their inspiration?

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt

“Boss, you seen what Mary’s writing?”

“The ‘footprints’ woman?”

“Yeah her” Jonah continued “what did you do, this smells of you?  Just leave them alone.”

“Look, I never asked to get stuck on this planet, and I certainly never asked to be anyone’s god” he snapped.  “3000 years I’ve been here, it’s boring.  Not once have head-office bothered to pop in and say ‘good job’ or read one of my reports.”

“What did you do?” Jonah pressed.

“Ok so I gave her the ‘I was carrying you ‘ dream.”

“Is that all?”

“…and gave her cancer.”

“Boss, you’re such a dick.”

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Bamboozled – Room 101

This is how it ends…

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt

“What I don’t get” said Zark, feelers twitching, “Is how they start quite pleasant and before you know it they’re quite reprehensible beastly slargvarbles.”

“Nature” said Ven entering coordinates into the navigation panel.

“Not nurture?” ventured Zark.

“Not a bleednorgs chance in snarbut” Ven answered, “there’s no way this species can be this awful without it being part of their very nature.”

“So that’s it?” asked Zark bringing up the targeting reticule.  “They failed?”

“It seems so” said Ven quite matter of fact, “vaporise them and let’s go home.”

“Pity” Zark replied punching the incinerate button, “I did rather enjoyed probing them.”


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Mediocrity and Milkshakes – Room 101

How to get ahead in life.

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt

Theo opened the jar labelled ‘Calcium Powder’ and added it the blender.

“They won’t laugh at me this time”, he told himself grinning.

His scrolled through his TOR browser, following the recipe.  They promised to make him faster and stronger, and even though it had cost him all his savings it would be worth it.

The browser flashed.  ‘Add optional Ingredient X now’.

Theo grinned, walked over to the freezer and pulled out the head of Mr Tanaka from next door, a retired mathematician.

“Nothing wrong with some extra smarts” he said to himself grinning as he cracked open the skull.


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Fastidious Matters – Room 101

…Spencer licked his lips watching, eyes wide…

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt

Spencer licked his lips watching, eyes wide.  His student drew the knife across her naked stomach as she strained against the ropes, issuing a muffled scream.  The blade flashed in the candle light and he stopped over her heart.

“Slowly” he cautioned.  “Carve the pentagram.”

Spencer inhaled, the blade tip digging into her skin.

Writhing she screamed, the blade slipping causing a long gash to her armpit.

“Bloody hell” spencer roared, his student wincing, “please be more careful!”

He paused.

“Okay, do over.  Get a fresh one and be careful this time, it’s not exactly easy finding a virgin these days!”

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