Bedknobs and Broomsticks – Room 101

Saving the worst for last.

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt

Okay.  This is the last Room 101 and the most stupid and rubbish.  It is an unedited version that I bashed out and when I read it I had not a clue what the hell was going on.  Broomsticks made me think witches, bedknobs made me think bed knobs and that got me to dildo’s and suddenly we have this abomination.  It made me laugh though so stupid is it and I thought I would leave it as it is as a reminder to myself that its okay to have a really crappy first draft and sometimes ideas just don’t work.

The swirling contents of the large Iron pot hissed and fizzed as Hilda tossed in a handful of wolfsbane.  “Agnes, fetch the stranglewort from my bag” She asked leaning over the pot.

“This is brewing up very nicely indeed” she said to herself cackling.

“This?” Agnes said holding up a small silver bottle she’d taken from a large cloth bag.

“No no girl” Hilda snapped.

“How about this?” she said presenting a posy of white flowers.

“No, STRANGLEWORT” Hilda said angrily.”

Agnes rummaged around.

“This?” she said holding up large wooden dildo.

Hilda blushed.

“Let’s just leave it out shall we…”

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The art of boredom – Room 101

Ever feel like this is all just one big joke?

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt

“Boss, that’s a terrible idea” Caleb said shaking his head.

AJ smiled, his brown eyes twinkling.  “I’m telling you they’re stupid enough to fall for it.”

“You think?”

“Oh absolutely, remember Hitler?.  You underestimate their self-destructive nature.”

“But why?  Seriously?”

AJ huffed.  “I’m bored.  Bored of this planet, bored of these people.  I really do need a new assignment.” He paused, sensing Caleb was almost persuaded.  “Plus it could be hilarious, especially when it comes out what he did to his daughter.”

“Fine” said Caleb resigned.  “But don’t blame me when head office find out.”

AJ grinned.  “Good call, good call”

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Ceiling wax – Room 101

Sam closed his eyes and pulled the blankets over his head to block out the scuttling of the creature across the ceiling…

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt


Sam closed his eyes and pulled the blankets over his head to block out the scuttling of the creature across the ceiling.  He knew it was there, he could see the trail it left.  Every night it appeared, crawling and scratching and watching him as he slept.

He would wake his mother screaming but she simply could not see it.

“There’s nothing there” she’d insist before kissing him on the forehead and tucking him in tightly.

“It’s just a dream Samuel” she would say as she closed the door.

The creature scuttled into the dark recess of the corner and waited…

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Never-ending sugar cubes – Room 101

Sugar? Or are you already sweet enough?

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt

Splosh plink went the sugar cube as Damien dropped it into his tea.  He reached back into the bowl and with the silver tongs took two more.

“Lady Grey” he said taking a sip, “It’s rather good you know, a classic black tea with the fragrant flavour of orange, bergamot and lemon.”

His guest did not reply.

“Yes, really helps to get the fatty taste out of one’s mouth when the flesh begins to sour” he said stirring slowly.

Again there was no reply.

He was going to need a new guest for dinner, this one was decidedly on the turn.

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