Don’t go touching my chicken!

I like to just keep my hand in now and again…

My most black sorrow

Like pitch it sticks to my insides

Lungs fill with it’s acrid darkness and I choke

Spitting and cursing your name as it cooks me from within

And so serves me up on a platter of regret and guilt

As the crows feast on my eyes, devouring my soft pink tongue

And the rats feast and rutt in my rancid entrails


Whoah….that’s all a bit much isn’t it.

Sometimes I like to see if I can write like other people and come up with some twisted dark shit but mostly I prefer stick figures being filthy.  Guess it takes all sorts right…



You know this might be my first attempt at a political cartoon though to be honest I think the symbolism is far too obvious.  Plus my eagle looks like a big chicken and I was a bit wary of actually drawing pictures of men having sex with gigantic birds then I thought the kids might see it and… mostly the whole thing just gets a bit weird but hey, perhaps there is still a cause to be fought for out there.   Some sort of anti  American chicken fuckers alliance.  Hmm.

 Perhaps I should just go to bed.

Bed time

Words strung together to try and create a thought or a feeling. Nothing more…

Perchance to dream, thoughts dark and cold

and wintry chill pervades and bright

light dims and so to slumber slips

where true desire from dark earth duly crawls


White bones through fingers poke and claw

and lips oaths break and smile then whisper sweet

white lies, half truths, deceit most syrupy

and from his mouth and breast he feeds


Hungry mouth suckles and feeds on lies most warm

yet cold on the tongue, belly bloated he rises

and wiping his mouth, eyes ringed and tooth blackened smile

fed on desires yet hunger raging wild


Into the night, soft screams and tears make pulses race

and twisted he submits to need

and when dawn comes, and waking guilt subsides

he smiles, rolls over, smiling hungry still


Day into night

some more ramblings

Each breath searing, stumbling in darkness

Infant cries as day turns black as night

And in the dark a plume of crimson towers high

As earthly fury snuffs out all hope with fingers black

that squeeze the throat and blur the eyes

as gods old and new heed not the screams

and turn away and unto fate condemn.


Sometimes I see a picture and just …well this just happens.

Perfumed and poised she stares into rich rioja red

painted lips stained darker still and eyes heavy at nights end

Thump of base and lights dimmed low

She remembers, head and heart hunger for his touch

rough hands on soft skin and back arched in blissful bond

though now just a memory and she waits for the last dance

to be held and to feel alive once more

for chance to forget memories of his leaving

because she was a dirty cow and never cleaned her bathroom


Just a bunch of words mostly.

At times his mind like treacle thick and black, slow flowing

Of days so laughter filled yet now mere echoes remain and drift

across mist shrouded distant views of vistas once so bright and clear

and to those things he clings yet through frail fingers slip

Forgotten Sepia faces smile back knowingly from curled cornered photos

and in the dark they call his name, voices long forgotten and shut out

and though he turns in search of face familiar

he stands alone and yet

the things he pushes down and back and out of reach they call

reminding him of thoughts dark as pitch and deeds to match

and with covered ears he chooses to forget once more

and into restless silence slips…




Dark Christmas – Bells

Ding ding-aling ding ding ding

Some interesting prompts over at Mindscapes  Thought I would do something a little different on the Christmas themes.

mindescapes Christmas Challenge 2017


All through the night the warning bells

Ring out, he’s on his way

To find the children out of bed

And load them on his sleigh


To take them back to workshops dark

And toys and gifts to make

Beware if you don’t listen out

Your children will he take

And in their place the gifts he leaves

for your loss scant consolation

and so bad children disappear

Christmas night across the nation


He twists their minds their souls corrupt

As they slave at his command

So heed the warning bells this night

As he travels across the land


Photo courtesy of pixabay

Dark Christmas – Angel

Surprise! You’re having God’s baby!

Some interesting prompts over at Mindscapes  Thought I would do something a little different on the Christmas themes.

mindescapes Christmas Challenge 2017


As Mary sat one night appeared

to her an angel bright

to much surprise and some dismay

gave her an awful fright


“now steady on” she did proclaim

“you gave me quite a shock

Just barging in without due note

Or even single knock”


Now Gabriel was not one for

her small talk he confessed

and did insist “you have found favour,

a woman truly blessed”


She scratched her head and looked quite vexed

“I don’t now what you mean,

I’ve got a date I’m just off out

With this yummy Nazareen”


“You’re chosen child” Gabe did insist

“’amongst women quite unique

God wants you to have his baby”

She went pale and could not speak


“Woah no no no!

You’re joking right, this must be a mistake

Joe won’t ever believe me

This is far too much to take”


“Oh worry not” Gabe said “be calm

I’ll go and have a word”

“you know that I’m a virgin right”

She said “this is absurd”


“I’m not the type of girl who just

Puts out cos God decides”

Gabe smiled “too late, ‘tis already done

Your baby grows inside”


“Oh thanks indeed” she says resigned

To her heavenly chosen fate

“So just like that I’m up the duff

Without even one date?”


“You are my child” Gabe says and smiles

Then says “I must get going”

“I’ll pop in – see Joe – before I leave

Explain just what you’re growing”


“Oh right” says M “That’s it then right?”

And like that the Angel went

“I guess I should be grateful

‘cos my babies heaven sent”


Photo courtesy of pixabay

Dark Christmas – Rudolph

Reindeer are, it seems, just for Christmas

Some interesting prompts over at Mindscapes  Thought I would do something a little different on the Christmas themes.

mindescapes Christmas Challenge 2017


Through cold and dark

Through snow and ice

Each year in search of children nice

And wind does bite

With gifts in tow

They race ‘gainst time through falling snow


And at the head

Of sleigh and team

One reindeer whose nose does beam

Year after year

Enslaved and bound

He holds his master from the ground


Never to roam

Nor to run free

Whips lash to bring the gifts to thee

And at days end

When task is done

Back to his jail beyond the sun


And there he waits

Since years of yore

Routine the same forever more

One night a year

Sweet freedom tastes

Heart cold and black, each Christmas hates


Photo courtesy of pixabay

Fractured Figures – Room 101

A destructive tale of attraction

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt


Penny watched from the shadows at the people walking by, all so oblivious to the dark creatures clinging desperately to them.

Helpless she followed a creature of jealousy and anger draw its host slowly towards a pretty red haired girl, surrounded by a pall of self doubt and fear.

There was nothing she could do, and she already knew how it would end – badly.

He smiled, offering his number.  “I’m Dan” he said.

She blushed and took it, “Im Emma.”

The creatures grinned and hissed in delight.  Grandma said it was a gift, but to her it was a curse.

Photo courtesy of pixabay

99 Word Challenge – Sound

From the forest into my room they creep…

Each night it starts with a scratch scratch scratch on my window.  I close my eyes and hope this it is just branches blowing against my window,  but it never is.

From the forest into my room they creep, scuttling across the ceiling, shrouded in darkness.  Skull less eyes glow red, foul hissing breath on my skin as they envelop me.  I lie frozen and unable to scream as their claws caress me, hungry tongues snaking out to feast on my fear.

With a full belly they return to the night and I am free to scream, too late.


Photo courtesy of RGerber @ pixabay

August 3: Flash Fiction Challenge