A Donald inspired tale of madness

My response to the Friday Fictioneers 100 word challenge inspired by the photo above.  99 words.

My response to the Friday Fictioneers 100 word challenge inspired by the photo above.  99 words.

Andromeda’s orbital engines hummed as Cole and Yin walked towards the marker on their heads up display, helmet lights slicing through the darkness.

Yin stooped and placed a soil sample in his analyser, noticing a pair of ash and cobweb encrusted shoes placed side by side.  The map showed a school had once stood here.  He poked the cobwebs with a gloved finger, and a small spider scuttled along the silky strands.

“Guess this place is all yours now mate” he said sadly, his helmet display blinking orange.

“Cole, radiation spike” Yin shouted, “get back to the shuttle, now!”

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PHOTO PROMPT © Sarah Potter


I wrote this for the carrot ranch 99 word challenge but forgot to post it.

I wrote this for the carrot ranch 99 word challenge but forgot to post it.  Its a 99 word challenge in response to the picture above.  You should check it out, its s rather good site.  Ill post it anyway, waste not want not…

Harold stood and watched the waves slap hypnotically against the shingle beach.

“Looks cold” Harold said.

“It’ll be fine” the voices replied.

One step forward, the waves lapping at his feet

“Do it” the voices urged, “do it now, jump!”

Two steps back.  No, this wasn’t the right time.

“Get it over with Harold, now.” They pressed.

Fear gripped, three steps back.  “This is wrong, I don’t want to do it anymore, I want to live” he cried.

He turned and ran straight into his father  “Goodness” he said, “It’s ok Harold, maybe you’ll get your feet wet tomorrow”

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Hedgehog and Mole – 99 Word Prompt – Music and Berries

You need to be careful when you go into the woods…

The challenge was to write something in only  99 words and to include the words berries and music.  It is 99 words on the button. 

The challenge can be seen here:

August 10: Flash Fiction Challenge


“Do you like berries Mole?” Hedgehog asked, emerging from the thicket to the sound of Sparrow’s morning music.

“Oh yes, especially plump and juicy ones!” Mole replied licking his lips.

“Then follow me” said Hedgehog, “I know a place where the juiciest berries grow!”

Hedgehog led Mole to a clearing where the bramble bushes strained under the weight of the dark fruits.

“I can smell them!” said mole excitedly,  “Oh Thank you hedgehog!”.

As Mole devoured berries hedgehog crept slowly away, passing Fox at edge of the clearing.

“He’s all yours” Hedgehog snarled “I expect payment in full tomorrow.”



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99 Word Challenge – Sound

From the forest into my room they creep…

Each night it starts with a scratch scratch scratch on my window.  I close my eyes and hope this it is just branches blowing against my window,  but it never is.

From the forest into my room they creep, scuttling across the ceiling, shrouded in darkness.  Skull less eyes glow red, foul hissing breath on my skin as they envelop me.  I lie frozen and unable to scream as their claws caress me, hungry tongues snaking out to feast on my fear.

With a full belly they return to the night and I am free to scream, too late.


Photo courtesy of RGerber @ pixabay

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