Each night it starts with a scratch scratch scratch on my window.  I close my eyes and hope this it is just branches blowing against my window,  but it never is.

From the forest into my room they creep, scuttling across the ceiling, shrouded in darkness.  Skull less eyes glow red, foul hissing breath on my skin as they envelop me.  I lie frozen and unable to scream as their claws caress me, hungry tongues snaking out to feast on my fear.

With a full belly they return to the night and I am free to scream, too late.


Photo courtesy of RGerber @ pixabay

August 3: Flash Fiction Challenge

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  1. Wow! Sounds like nasty little critters! Great story.


  2. That could be the start of a longer piece. You hooked me and spooked me.

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  3. Great (creepy) use of sound, and the one thing that gave me greater chills was the line “scuttling across the ceiling” because nothing natural enters across the ceiling! Good job, now I’m screaming, too. 🙂


  4. Now I’m looking for somewhere else to live, joking, mind those bedbugs don’t get you too! 🙂


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