Dear Earthlings

I am not best pleased.

It’s me, the Universe.  Call me what you will, Jesus, Allah, Buddah, The Great Nothing, Merlin, Aslan…I do not mind particularly.  My closest friends call me Darren.

Not been here for a while, so just popped in to check up on you and I will admit, you never cease to disappoint me.  You really cannot be nice to each other for five minutes can you.  I turn my back to enjoy a rather lovely supernova sun and when I come back you’re at one another like you always are.

I was going to list the wars you’re waging against each other but you know what, I really cannot be bothered.  Please, slaughter away – the sooner you’re all dead the better.  I plan to bring the dinosaurs back – they were far cooler than you lot.  Oh, I may keep the Japanese – they’re cool too and I think a world populated by dinosaurs and the Japanese would be freaking awesome.

I was going to suggest that it’s about time the Americans took a good hard look at themselves and stopped shooting each other for no good reason but, well, for one they won’t listen because they seem rather fond of such beastly things and secondly, the NRA have sorted me out with a sweet holiday home so I should probably hold my tongue.

Oh, and do not go blaming me for those storms you’re having.  Act of god my big fat celestial bottom.   If you insist on ejaculating inside one another willy nilly and living wherever you choose with no consideration for common sense and then building homes on coastal swamps and places known as ‘Tornado Alley’ what do you bloody well expect.  I didn’t send the storms and I didn’t give your kids cancer either (despite what a lot of the christians reckon) .  Bad things just happen okay.  It’s part of the circle of Life.  You should listen to Elton John more.

I noticed what you’ve done to the polar ice caps too.  Great job you dicks.  I always liked them, lovely and tranquil they are.  Do you not realise what a lovely planet you live on?  Perhaps not – given the quite awful manner in which you treat it. I noticed a turtle with a plastic straw lodged in its nose.  It’s not funny, stop laughing.  You’ve dumped so much plastic in the seas that it will certainly outlast you lot.  Good bloody riddance I reckon.

Oh, and special mention to the Americans.  Bravo on Donald.  As if being disliked by the majority of the planet wasn’t enough you choose that to be in charge.    It has actually made my list of top 3 of monumental humanity cock ups.  It is easily on par with the fact that the Greeks can’t seem to install decent plumbing – despite their creative genius, and the small matter of JarJar Binks.  George..Serious?

I’m going now, I hope you finish each other off some time soon because I can’t wait to see a Ninja riding a stegosaurus, it is going to be frigging fantastic.

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Photo courtesy of  Werner22brigitte @ Pixabay

Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

40 thoughts on “Dear Earthlings”

  1. Pleased to meet you Darren, at least I now know what to call you. I guess that free will thing you gave us turned out to be a mistake on both our parts. In it you saw an opportunity to experience life fully, on the other hand we saw it as an opportunity to exploit life fully. And here we are with you about to throw in the towel. Is this the best you can do, I mean really, dinosaurs and Japanese, no offense intended toward the Japanese, but dinosaurs?
    Oh well better luck next time.

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  2. I can see why the fuss. While I don’t agree that God would have used some of the words used, I do believe His sentiment is the same. He gave us a great place to live and we blew it. I enjoy talking to God best when I’m outside. He’s with me always, but it seems like He’s closer when we’re outside together. Silly, I know.

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  3. Thanks 🙂 think for sure he must be generally quite disappointed . i think thrtecare okdnty of folk who’d agree with you that they feel more in tune when enjoying the great outdoors.


  4. Eh, your piece is kind of petty. Yeah, I agree that we Americans really suck. I agree that people suck in general. I am also saddened by the destruction of the earth. But really, the Japanese have their own demons. And the Brits aren’t much better than us Americans. He just comes across, rather than humorous, as a self-righteous, holier-than-thou British man, a reason lots of people don’t like the Brits


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