Screw you Haiku

On Mondays I like to allow myself a little more freedom from the discipline of the more structured writing schedule that I have set for myself and do something different.  I normally like to dabble with a variety of fiction pieces but Not on Monday, oh no

The challenge of packing emotive imagery into 17 syllables is quite a test, which is perhaps why they seem so daunting and often so very serious.  A limerick on the other hand is quite the opposite, filled with such joy and whimsy.

Today I shall attempt to write some haiku that are not serious at all serious.


Hot spicy curry

Arse like a Japanese flag

oh no not again


In the house naked

Wife and kids on vacation

Beer for breakfast


Leaving work in shame

Stomach flu going around

Gambled on a fart


Wife screams in horror

Dogs humping in the garden

Cover children’s eyes


Loud knock at the door

Dancing in the house naked

Police “Close curtains!”


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