Screw you Haiku

Daily Haiku’s are so last month.  I think it’s time to bring back a more meaty haiku ensemble a little less frequently.  The deal was to take the rather serious haiku form and treat it with a little disrespect and hopefully a dash of humour. 

Secret Santa? No?

You make baby Jesus cry

Ebeneezer scrooge!


Doing shots, fun times

Chug chug, life of the party

threw up on the bed


Oh bugger my subconscious seems to be wandering to Christmas already.  No, no, no – that simply will not do!  


Got the kids a dog

cavorting, barks of delight

urine stained carpets


Taking out the trash

cabbage juice on my good shoes

bloody cheap bin bags


That’s more like it.  tales of the mundane.  Maybe 3 more.  That’s like a weeks worth of daily late night haiku right there.  

Need inspiration

Check Donald T’s twitter feed

juices flowing now


Donald: Players must stand

Women, non whites, poor, sick and

Muslim can kneel though


Oh Orange moron

with your juicy puckered lips

just ripe for prison


I know, enough is enough.


Your lunchtime limerick 30/9/17

Late night limericks 

My neighbour Ifraheem