My neighbour Ifraheem

A flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers photo challenge.  Take the photo, write something in 100-150 words.  Simple apparently…

“Aah Mrs Fazal” said Ifraheem as the courtyard door swung open, “come in please, it’s so good to see you.”

” I just wanted to pay my respects” she said placing a hand on Ifraheem’s arm.

“Why thank you” Ifraheem replied, putting down the watering can, “It has indeed been too long, what a relief it was when the police eventually declared her deceased.”

“You have endured much” Mrs Fazal continued, “But I see you have taken good care of her flowers.  They’ve never looked so well.”

“She would often joke that she preferred her flowers to people” he said, his smile now a little less broad.

Mrs Fazal nodded in agreement as Ifraheem bent down and picked a few fallen leaves and debris from the one of the pots closest to him.

“Well I must be off” she said, “perhaps we could have tea sometime soon?”

Ifraheem felt in his pocket for the small finger bone he had plucked from the pot.  “I would like that very much” he said as she turned and left.

175 Words 


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