Edgar stood  looking up at the dark building stretching up into the night and thought how very much like stars the tiny windows looked,  and he thought of his Grandfather. 

Ifraheem was a quiet and unassuming man, very much like any of your neighbours I would imagine.

“No, I am not drinking that!” Gordon insisted, forcefully pushing Colin’s arm away and turning his head in disgust.

Just a poem about a couple of blokes on a tandem.

There were lots of things that he couldn’t remember any more, no matter how hard he tried.

If the cold stone steps could speak they would tell a tale of generations past; of family; of love; of loss and of time that slips by in the blink of an eye.  Worn by so many feet, endless journeys up and down making their way through life one step at a time.  Sometimes skipped, […]

“You’re not really thinking of going down there are you”? “Why the hell not, it won’t matter soon!  I just want to say hello to her.  Please.  We arent that different.  She wont realise.” They so obviously were though.  In just about every way imaginable. “It’s not right Joshua.  Why can’t I?” His voice was tinged […]