Diet o’clock 14th of July

The impact on my wallet has been noticeable.

Okay so three weeks in and still on track. Clothes fit better, my cravings seem to have gone and I am for the most part into the new routines of having to cook and wash up considerably more and go shopping far more than I ever did before.

I did find myself somewhat weary last week and I think my body has been getting used to not eating all the delicious stuff I used to put into it and is adjusting to something just wholly different.

One of the unexpected side effects has been how much I spend on food.  I had expected to spend more but because I am now shopping more carefully and throwing very little away I am actually spending less for the family than ever before.  I stopped shopping at Tesco (which I had been threatening to do for a while) and started going to Lidl and Aldi.  That alone reduced the bill by about 40% and I’m probably another 20% better off because I am far more focussed on what we all eat and planning meals more carefully.

I do find I am not quite able to get all of the grass fed or organic stuff I would like but I am not going to beat myself up over that – I think it is going well regardless.

You’re probably wondering how much weight I have lost right?  I will tell you I promise, just not today. 🙂



Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

32 thoughts on “Diet o’clock 14th of July”

  1. a food blogger now! Just kidding, looks pretty good, considering i supposedly hate vegetables, but it has been over a yr since Mr was in hospital and we changed Our Ways, so eating healthy isnt all that bad now. I sure can tell the salt, sugar content of food if i am outa the house. Oh and i fear burgers, they have grease , turkey burgers are ok if made right, Cheers as you say Congrats I say

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  2. You know me I’m willing to try my hand at most things. It’s an interesting journey for me and I’ll see where I am in a few months time you never know I could be back to my old ways but I don’t think I will this time I think this is more of a permanent change

    The problem with burgers is that they are just too damn delicious


  3. Until u haven’t had them for more than a yr and the grease Tears you up just saying…. Not complete vegewhathevrian but after fifty and happier…best wishes

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  4. Good for you Michael. That looks like some tasty food you have shown there. I am a day behind with Reader and was nodding off so will return tomorrow, but I saw the pink donut and had to investigate right away! I am going to look at that plan again – I looked at it when you first mentioned the name. We have Aldi here too and they do have good deals. The one near me is in a bad area of town and always having muggings there unfortunately, so I don’t get to Aldis too much. Yes, eating healthy takes a lot of effort and extra $$ doesn’t it?

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  5. It does yeah but I’m finding we waste less because of the planning.

    Oh you’ll get a shock…I’m.sorry …i wrote 24 posts in 24 hours…just because i could

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  6. I am horribly behind in reading posts this weekend Michael. I wish I could say it was because I was having a fun time, but I had three issues at the house that I had to deal with and it left me frazzled. A/C guy came in to do a repair on Friday and bumped up against the hot water heater – had no hot water, living like a Prairie Woman and had to call someone in today at Sunday prices no less and didn’t know what the problem was. I had some type of buzzing in my kitchen light – out of nowhere, wouldn’t stop. Changed the lightbulb. When I get stressed I want to eat – the baguette was too handy! I didn’t want to say on my blog post in case anyone read it from the Farmer’s Market but about ten years ago I was there and bought some cornbread. I love cornbread but gave up sweets in 2011 and have not had it since. But I was at the market, and decided to get several cakes of it to freeze over the Winter to have with soup. I tried a chunk of it when I got home – it would choke a horse. My mom said to me “better freeze it and hope for the best!” Froze the rest of it into thirds I think to take out as needed. It was worse after being frozen. Saw the woman peddling the same cornbread cakes, just walked on by. The guy I spotlighted with the pound cakes, and jams … his stuff looked tasty though, I must admit that.

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  7. Yes not going too bad I’ve got one week left and last 30 days up and that was the first goal to make it through 30 days and with the old exception I’ve just about done it every single day so I’m happy about that

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  8. Yes, you had the big house remodeling job so you know what a PIA the house can be as well. Years ago my parents kept remodeling all the time – new this, new that … I don’t like things to be upside down. Food is a nice destresser – I should have had Nutella – it might have calmed me down. 🙂


  9. I will duly report on it – going to go shopping one morning … it’s been so hot here and stormy as well and I didn’t want to load in much fridge food after I lost all my food in a power outage on June 18th. (It wasn’t a storm – it was electricity overload and a transformer blew.) I gave up sweets in 2011, but I allow myself some wiggle room – nuts are good for you.

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  10. Thank you it’s certainly going quite well two days to go and that the end of 30 days so I will be reflecting on just how it’s gone and I guess people will want to know how much weight I actually managed to lose in 30 days which I think might surprise a lot of people. Tummy Tuesday blog hop I’ll have a look and see if I can see what that is


  11. It’s a thing I do weekly. This was the last one.
    At the bottom of the post is a blog hop. People can add their url and a pic from any post about food — can be a pic, a recipe, a poem, an essay, whatever, just the thing is about food. The idea of a blog hop is like Daily Post — people can see other people’s links on a shared topic and if they want they can visit each other.
    I probably won’t be surprised but I will probably be jealous of how much you’ve lost. Studies show guys tend to lose weight faster than women.

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  12. Maybe because it’s at the bottom? Maybe I should put it at the top but then it looks kinda strange to me up there. I’ll have to think about it.

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  13. I think it’s pretty new all I did was clicked on unfollow and then click on follow and a pop-up enables me to follow somebody through the reader whenever they post

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  14. I have that where it posts into the reader but no special alerts on a particular person. My reader is a bit too full. I’ve just started doing Bloglovin” as a follower because you can at least put people/blogs/posts in categoreis that you set up which helps

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