15 thoughts on “September Photos”

  1. Some really nice architecture, the all important beer shots and what did you do to your fingers? I am assuming it is not an attempt to forever signal “live long and prosper?”

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  2. I recognize some of these sights from visiting London back in 1979 and London Bridge (which is not falling down contrary to the song). Did Tom break his fingers? He already had one mishap this year and I remember bandages. I can sympathize as I smashed my right ring finger in the new garage door – it opens a different way and I closed it the way I’ve always closed the door the last 35 plus years – caught my finger in between as there was no longer a gap – saw stars, but luckily did not lose the nail, but it’s still not the same and happened June 7th.

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  3. Thanks 🙂 He just dod his ligaments. He plays rugby so damages himself frequently …There were indeed loads from my London trip in the photos. I do rather like the hotel I go to which is in the shadow of the bridge and has a quite wonderful – if expensive – beer garden

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  4. OK, I remember a prior issue Michael … yes, rugby is as bad as football for injuries and I believe a U.S. team played an NFL game yesterday in London again. The Lions were there a few years ago. I’d like being in the shadow of the bridge – sounds quaint, though I think of London being more of “a pint of ale in a pub” atmosphere than a “beer in a beer garden” which is more like Germany. That surprises me a little having been to both England and Germany years ago.


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