Edgar – A FFfAW word challenge

The challenge was to write something using the photo using between 75 and 175 words. I came in at 173.  You can see the challenge details here.

Edgar stood  looking up at the dark building stretching up into the night and thought how very much like stars the tiny windows looked,  and remembering his Grandfather he smiled.  Even though it was so long ago he could still recall how he would sit on his lap and listen to the stories about the times before the stars went out.

In fact, before he was recycled he spoke of very little else, his mind frail and his memories just fragments of what they had once been.

In those last days he would sit on the small balcony overlooking the sprawling choking metropolis, his long empty flowerpots a reminder of a time when the sun still shone, and he would curse those that had thought only of themselves and had let this happen.

Still smiling he  slowly climbed the cold stone steps for his own recycling appointment, his heart full of the memories of that wonderful old man, and wondered whether he might soon see him again where the stars still shone brightly.

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Photo courtest of Pamela Canepa