Diet o’clock 1st of July

The dreaded social situation…

You can read my first part here.

So, a week in on the Whole30 thing and it seems to be going rather well.  As far as weight loss it’s been successful but it’s not really about that.  This is about my attitudes to food and trying to make a sustainable change.

I knew at some point I would have to face temptation and this a week in and there it was.  England vs Belgium and invited round to friends to watch the game, have a few cheeky beers and a quick BBQ for half time.  I said yes without thinking and before I knew it I am sat in front of the TV with an array of crisps and nuts before me and the offer of Beer, cider, wine or GnT.

Let’s just say that you know you’re fat when you politely decline explaining that you are on a diet and nobody tells you it’ll be ok, it’s just the one it won’t hurt.  Mostly I can see them thinking “Phew, that’ll save on the catering.”

Anyway I survived that and had a little meat and some sparkling water and enjoyed a thoroughly awful England performance but the sun was shining so happy days.

Friday was a far more challenging ask.  It was the annual charity golf day and our team was entered many months ago so there was no getting out of it.  If I did then it was likely an orphan or an animal would suffer some awful fate so I dusted off my clubs and turned up.  Now the thing about the day is that your ticket includes a free bar and as much food as you can eat.  There are burgers and sausages available all day long and the savage 29c temperatures were not to be worried about because the bar was fully stocked with more beer and cider than you could wish for.

I had 2 plain burger patties, which I was most pleased with because I think I had 6 burgers last year.  That’s over the course of a 10 hour day drinking but still a lot I realise. I took 3 apples and just ate those and despite sweating like a pig in the baking sun and wanting nothing more than the sweet fruity nectar of an apple cider  – I resisted the booze too.

I realise it’s only a week or so in but feels like a significant step because I am pretty certain that normally I would have buckled.

Onwards and upwards I guess


Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

16 thoughts on “Diet o’clock 1st of July”

  1. I feel for you…was on a 300 calorie diet and worked at a school where the lunch ladies baked bread or tolls every day, smelling up the school. Then there were the donuts, etc in the break room..good luck!🌸

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  2. I know the struggle, man. The last few weeks at work has apparently been “bring a cake to work day” and trying to be like, “No, I’m good…really. No…it’s not you. Yes, I like cake. Yes, I see that there’s plenty. Thanks, but no thanks…” really kind of sucks.
    But, you know, goals and what not… 😀

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  3. Exactly…and it lines up perfectly with the moment you say, “Okay…gonna cut out all that nonsense…be mindful of what I eat!”
    Moments later…”You want cake and ice cream? We just brought so much of it…you can have as much as you want…”

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  4. Bravo for you – and sweatin’ it out as well … Lord knows ice cream could fix you up plenty quickly. I keep hearing about your heat wave over in the UK, in addition to us having chatted about it, plus now the dirt devil in Wales. Enough with the heat (we have it too). Well, give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back for not succumbing.

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  5. Sounds delicious – I love coconut. I like ambrosia salad and usually make it for the Summer months. I’m bad and just take my spoon into the fridge with me … why have to wash a bowl, just dig in (only me anyway). 🙂


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