Diet O’Clock – 20th of January – Back on the horse

And a pear martini in a pear tree…

Actually, looking at how I ballooned over xmas you’d have thought I’d eaten the horse. Mmm…Large sizzling horse steaks with a braised rib and a side of cheek.  Sorry, you know I wouldn’t eat a horse it’s not like Im Kazhak.  Or, god forbid, French.

I am sure other nations enjoy a little equine entree but I’m happy with my ignorant stereotypes.

Anyway, it turns out that over the month of December, as I flitted from one cocktail to the next like an inebriated humming bird I managed to put on around 6 and a half kilograms.  I think thats about 15 pounds n american money.  In a month.

Okay so there really were rather a lot of cocktails.  And puddings.  And meat and treats and little pigs feets and sweetest of sweets and …well there was just a lot of everything.  I watched the scales creep ever upwards until I had undone aout a third of what I had achieved in the previous six months forever telling myself that next week I would get back to it.

Next week drifted into the week after and then the week after that and I suddenly found myself feeling rather sluggish and weary and feeling little of the benefits that the weight loss and lifestyle changes had brought.  Clothes felt a little tighter, sleep wasnt as good and I was forever telling myself that tomorrow would be better.

But to cut a long story short it was back to the shops with a renewed focus and I stocked up and set about the task of trying to right things again.  Two weeks later I have shifted two thirds of what I put on and am feeling wholly better for it and ready to keep going.

Annoying though isnt it how easy it is to put on and how hard to get off.

Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

30 thoughts on “Diet O’Clock – 20th of January – Back on the horse”

  1. I gained weight too. Fun fact: There is a restaurant in Belgrade that only serves hose meet. In the old days when having a horse was a common thing, we used those for sausages only. Old horses are too sinewy to be eaten just like other animals.

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  2. The holidays linger forever, and pity us here in the States … it starts at Thanksgiving and is a never-ending foodfest until New Year’s Day … glad I am a family of one sometimes! I did get some treats and indulged … not as bad as when I worked and everyone brought in goodies every day, vendors brought in treats, everywhere you looked were things you felt compelled (yeah-right … compelled) to taste. Sigh.

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  3. There must be something donuts are good for! definitely not weight management, and definitely without a horse on the menu. 200 years ago a horse was like a car to us nowadays people. It almost feels like, yeah! We need a new car so let’s eat that 98 DODGE!!!!

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