Sunday Photo Fiction

“We need to back love” Colin insisted,  “we need to cross over then carry on on the other side of the road.”

“Jesus Colin” Carole replied tensely, “it’s like 20 metres, it will be fine – I am not going all the way back to the crossing back there!” she insisted, pointing back down the street.  “I’m not going to go all the way back and around for 20 metres!”

” We need to be careful” Colin insisted meekly, “heavens knows why they’ve out that sign up.  It could be dangerous honey.”

“It will be fine!” she insisted forcefully “I can’t see anyone working at all.  Typical really, I bet they’re all drinking coffee for the umpteenth time today!”  Carole had little time for most people, but layabouts – well they were a real pet hate.

Carole grabbed Colin’s arm forcefully “good god man, come on” she snapped.  “My feet are killing and I want to get home” she insisted, dragging him after her.

He was just about to insist that this was a rather foolish course of action when he was interrupted by Carole’s terrified scream and a gruff voice shouting “LOOK OUT BELOW!”

The very last thing that Colin would see would be the look on Carole’s face, one he had seen many times before.  it was the one that insisted that this was all his fault.


Photo courtesy of J Hardy Carroll


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