Illusionary Dreams: Writing prompt 13/9/2017

A word prompt courtesy of  michelle at ‘Putting my feet in the dirt’.

I have the prompt words, then I found a picture, now I need even more words.  I might limit myself to 125 words for this one.  Stops me waffling.  Nice and concise.

Every night for the last week at 3am it was the same thing.   Enoch awoke from his sleep, the same dream filling his senses and causing him to stir into life.  Hands that were his but not reached for a face that reminded him of someone he used to be, or perhaps it was someone who he once knew but was now long forgotten.

He searched his memories but there was never anything there other than a whisper calling out, and within minutes the thoughts disappeared like morning fog and he fell back asleep.

Karen waited for him to nod off then picked up her phone and called the maintenance team.

“Yes, its my sexbot” she said, quite annoyed, “It keeps dropping out of the spoon cycle”

127 words

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Photo courtesy of pixabay