Blanketed in bliss

There’s no love like the love a mother has for her baby right?


Written in response to Michelle’s writing prompt which you can see here.

A shrill scream pierced the night, and had Adam scrambling from his bed before he was even properly awake, heart racing.  He flew from the bedroom calling for his wife, his head spinning and not daring to guess what had happened.

“Oh god, In here” came her voice, barely recognisable, “I’m in the babies room.”

Adam ran to the room and stopped in the doorway.  Jane was sat in the dark, quite still in an old rocking chair in the corner.  In her arms, wrapped in the blanket her mother had  bought for them, was the baby.

He hurried over to her.  “What’s wrong, is she okay?” he pulled back the blanket that he could see her face.  He knew straight away that she was not.  Her eyes were wide open, unblinking, and her expression unchanging and her body motionless.  “Jesus, her eyes Jane – what’s happened.”

Jane couldn’t reply, she simply sat holding the bundle tightly in her arms.

Adam took a closer look and realised that all the colour had disappeared from her eyes and they were completely black.

“I’ll call an engineer” he said placing a hand on his wife’s shoulder.  “It will be okay Jane.”

“I don’t want a fucking engineer” she screamed, “I want my baby!”

“Jane please” Adam said, not really knowing what to say, “They’ll know what to do”.

He didn’t wait for a response, and after a few minutes returned to the room.  “They’re on the way it won’t be long at all” he said, but she was not listening, she simply sat staring at her baby, crying.

After what seemed like an eternity a tall man in a sharp black suit arrived at the house and Adam lead him upstairs to the nursery.

“Mrs Goodwin” he said, reaching for the bundle in her arms, “time is of the essence, Please.”

Not looking up she allowed the stranger to take her baby and watch him leave the room with it.

“I will be in the next room” he said, “If you could just wait in here I will need to run full diagnostics.”

Adam stood next to his wife, nodded, and watched the engineer take the baby from the room.

Neither of them spoke, simply waiting for the engineer’s return.  Adam reached for his wife’s hand but she pulled away sharply.

“Mr Goodwin” came a voice “Could you come through please.”

Jane looked up at him and nodded. “I’m okay.  Go” she said.

Entering the guest bedroom his stomach lurched as he saw his daughter lying on the bed, a panel in the side of her head open and a connection from her head leading to a small tablet that lay on the bed next to her.

“What’s happened “He asked calmly, “what’s happened to our daughter.”

The Engineer paused struggling for words.

“I …” he hesitated.  He needed to put this into terms Adam would understand.  “There’s been a catastrophic failure” he said rubbing his chin “the main learning core went into overload and the emergency backup overwrote the last good file and we’ve lost everything.  All her memories and learning are gone”

He waited for Adam to reply but Adam stood silent.

“I’ve checked for an offsite backup but it looks like you never paid for the service – so I have nothing to work with.”

“We only just had enough for the basic model” Adam said, his face now pale.  “I thought it would be okay” he continued “I never told Jane, we just wanted the baby so badly.  Surely there must be something we can do?”

The engineer placed his tablet back into his bag and packed his tools away.  “Mr Goodwin, I am sorry sir” he said, “but there really is nothing that can be done to restore her to her last known state.  The best I can do is to flush the bios and do a factory reset but you will have to restart the whole programme and the last three months learning will be lost.  Even then I cannot guarantee this won’t happen again.  You should have taken the extended warranty sir.”

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Pesky butterflies – Weekly Weather Challenge: Hurricane

I tried to say goodbye.

A generous portion of life – #Writephoto Challenge


These simply aren’t my fault.

Photo courtesy of Kuloser @ pixabay


A generous portion of life – #Writephoto Challenge

For a while he lay there looking up at the light.  “It really is quite pretty” he thought, “I should get one like that for the hall at home.”

I’m cheating a tad on this and using it for 2 prompts.  I had the idea from Michelle’s writing prompt which I have decided to use to write about robots and such,  but it never really worked until I saw Sue’s photo prompt.

The first thought that went through Terence’s mind as he opened his eyes was “What a lovely light,  it almost feels like I’m underwater.”  This thought was soon followed by a second which considered why the devil he might be lying on the floor and a third one hot on the heels of the second which pondered where exactly he might be.

He attempted to move but nothing happened.  His eyes seemed to be working just fine but beyond that nothing else did what it was meant to. Not one thing.

“Well this is just no good” he said to himself, “this simply will not do at all.”

He strained again but still nothing.

For a while he lay there looking up at the light.  “It really is quite pretty” he thought, “I should get one like that for the hall at home.”

In an instant something about the word home triggered an explosion of memories and emotions inside of him.  He was suddenly overwhelmed by a lifetime of experiences flashing before his eyes, and it all started with her.  She was present in almost every thought and every memory.  She seemed to have been there from the very beginning but for some reason he could not recall her name.  He could feel her touch and he could hear her voice , and she was all at once a stranger and so very familiar.

There were children too, and grand children.  Birthdays, holidays, Christmas and so so much love and laughter.  There was a little house by the sea, and a dog that always barked when the gate creaked.  Memory after memory washed over him as he lay there looking at the ceiling, and as they flashed by she became older, yet no less beautiful.

In between the laughter there were tears, and the cold darkness of solitude and yet always the laughter and the love would return and each time he would see her smiling face.  A great sadness overcame him as he saw her laid to rest, her coffin laid into the ground on a cold grey day.  Terence lay quite still and enjoyed the intensity of each moment until, at last, he remembered how he got here, where he was and why he was looking at the ceiling.

And then there was nothing.

The Engineer crouched over Terence and ran a scanner across his forehead.  He spoke into a small receiver embedded in his grey coverall collar.

“Base 9, this is Henderson, I have found the synth and can confirm that shut down has completed.”

“And what is his Status?” came a response.

Henderson double checked the dial.  “I can confirm that the unit has reached end of life cycle and his memories have successfully downloaded to central.”

“Good work Henderson” came the response, “We will format the content and pass it onto the family, seems the owner’s kids were pretty fond of the unit and have asked for the memories.”

“Copy that.”


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Illusionary Dreams: Writing prompt 13/9/2017

The end of times

I tried to say goodbye.









Illusionary Dreams: Writing prompt 13/9/2017

He searched his memories but there was never anything there other than a whisper calling out, and within minutes the thoughts disappeared like morning fog and he fell back asleep.

A word prompt courtesy of  michelle at ‘Putting my feet in the dirt’.

I have the prompt words, then I found a picture, now I need even more words.  I might limit myself to 125 words for this one.  Stops me waffling.  Nice and concise.

Every night for the last week at 3am it was the same thing.   Enoch awoke from his sleep, the same dream filling his senses and causing him to stir into life.  Hands that were his but not reached for a face that reminded him of someone he used to be, or perhaps it was someone who he once knew but was now long forgotten.

He searched his memories but there was never anything there other than a whisper calling out, and within minutes the thoughts disappeared like morning fog and he fell back asleep.

Karen waited for him to nod off then picked up her phone and called the maintenance team.

“Yes, its my sexbot” she said, quite annoyed, “It keeps dropping out of the spoon cycle”

127 words

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