Some Writing Prompts – August 2019

So for those of you who like a writing prompt or two here are some for August.  Three fairly obvious themes I think.  Make sure you add a pingback and I will attempt to pull them all together at the end of the month.  Let’s see what you got. 

  1. The day the skies burned
  2. Monorail
  3. Tomorrow, today.
  4. Dead satellites
  5. Orbital lockdown
  6. Binary lovers
  7. Apocalypse 2029
  8. Turbo
  9. Above the clouds
  10. Born to the stars
  11. Gravity
  12. Roses and bullets
  13. Darkest valentine
  14. Broken Mirror
  15. A lover’s touch
  16. Lips, blood red.
  17. My tomorrow, my yesterday.
  18. Summer no more.
  19. Innocence
  20. Love’s call
  21. Between the sheets
  22. The longest night
  23. Fangs
  24. A voice from beyond
  25. Our darkness
  26. Necrodancer
  27. Putrid
  28. The things inside
  29. Swarm
  30. The Awakened
  31. Sunrise no more

Writing Prompts

Since I took to writing about 18 months ago I have loved prompts.  Other people’s words inspiring and challenging me to create something and share it.  My favourite have been M’s which you can see here which I still try and do when I can.

Towards the back end of last year though I found myself thinking that maybe I should consider doing my own prompts for myself and as part of a process see where that took me.  So, I picked up a shiny new notebook that I got for my Birthday and picked up one of my fabulous new Bic pens and started to write whatever came into my head until I had 31 prompts for January.

It was not a particularly long process, and I actually did it sat at my desk at work whilst I was on a rather dull teleconference.  I think it was maybe 20 minutes of work.  Once I have the 31 I then put each as the header on a page and proceeded to jot down an outline or ideas or thoughts inspired by these prompts.  It went surprisingly well and within about 90 minutes I had 31 ideas that I can now turn into something this month.  I hope.

Anyway, whether I finish them or not doesnot matter what mattes is that I have a ton of ideas to use as I get chance.

Oh and then after that I had an idea to take my most favourite album ever and use each of the tracks as the tirle for a short piece.  I haven;t fleshed that out yet but some point in February I hope to put out a dozen pieces all linked to the ‘Blind Man’s Zoo’ album by 10000 Maniacs.

So, in case you are still reading these are what I came up with for the 31 prompts for January.

  1. Butterfly
  2. Firestorm
  3. Flowers of Autumn
  4. Electric Dreams
  5. Once upon a never
  6. Twice shy
  7. Turbulence
  8. Tears of night
  9. Wednesday
  10. Last orders
  11. Overtime
  12. Samantha
  13. The cave
  14. Tomorrow’s forever
  15. Beyond the night sky
  16. A place in the dark
  17. The last summer
  18. The first winter
  19. Orbit
  20. Descent
  21. Into Madness
  22. Forever forlorn
  23. Beyond time
  24. Malcolm
  25. Driftwood
  26. Orbital city one
  27. Fear of the dark
  28. Nevermore
  29. All my yesterday’s
  30. Dawn’s light
  31. No more tomorrow

It was a fun exercise and whilst I will still be doing other peoples prompts I enjoyed the feeling of finding all those inspirational thoughts and moments for myself.

Why not try it for yourself and share what you come up with?