Dark Christmas – Child

not even a photo album?

Some interesting prompts over at Mindscapes  Thought I would do something a little different on the Christmas themes.

mindescapes Christmas Challenge 2017


A child they say, to save the world

So noble great and true

But there are  things I often wonder

And here are but a few


He must have had grandparents

But they do not get a mention

No way would they not be involved

They do so love attention


And what of names when he was young

When he’d not done works or healed the blind

Was he always just called Jesus

Or perhaps nicknames not so kind?


Did the miracles start early

Did his parents ever gloat?

did he go through the terrible two’s?

and when they bathed him did he float?


What were his toys, did he read books?

Was he any good at sports?

Did he always wear a robe or was

He rather fond of shorts


Did he have a pet, was he kind to dogs

And at what age did he walk

Was he quite an advanced baby

And how early did he talk?


You’d think someone might remember

If he was such a big deal

Pity that there aren’t records

As much more they would reveal

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A Chance Meeting – Room 101

Waiting for the lights to turn Ichabod felt something pressed into the palm of his hand. 

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt


Waiting for the lights to turn Ichabod felt something pressed into the palm of his hand.

“What the…” he mumbled spinning round to see a tall pale man in a long dark coat walk away through rush hour crush.

‘For what you have done, today you will die at 8am’ the note read.

Glancing down at his watch he laughed to himself as he stepped out into the road, and in that moment three things went through his mind.

The first was “It’s already 8:59 you dumb fu…”, closely followed by “Oh bugger, daylight savings”, and the third was the number 34 bus.

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Musical Undertones – Room 101

Caleb cradled the pistol in his lap, face contorted in pain, unable to to block out the sound of the piano.

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt

Caleb cradled the pistol in his lap, face contorted in pain, unable to block out the sound of the piano. It was Rachmaninoff’s no.2, her favourite piece. He’d watched her perform it the evening they first met.

Every morning he awoke and he could hear it and it never stopped until he closed his eyes to sleep. It’s emptiness, soaring heights, consuming passions and raging emotions all reminders of what he had done and that which he had hidden for so many years.

Enough. He put the pistol in his mouth.

Rebecca smiled, closed the piano lid, and drifted into nothing.

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Prolonged Agony – Room 101

From the corner of the room Gary looked down at his cold and lifeless body spread-eagled, face down, on the bed. 


Thanks to Michelle for the prompt

From the corner of the room Gary looked down at his cold and lifeless body spread-eagled, face down, on the bed.

“Oh shit” he thought as a crime scene officer took photographs of the 12 inch black ‘thundercock’ hanging out of the back of his quite obviously deceased self.  “What’s Karen going to think?”

The CSO pulled out her phone, snapped a photo, and quickly put it away again.

“I know him you know” she said to the police officer stood at the door.

“Yeah?” he replied.

“Yes” she answered smiling broadly, “ex-fiance, he cheated on me with his current wife.”


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Cradled and Cocooned – Room 101

He kicked out angrily, desperate to hurt her, wanting her to scream.

This morning I was looking for some inspiration to start doing a themed daily piece.  I was listening to the Eurhythmics album 1984 (The one for the film adaptation of the George Orwell Book) and it got me to thinking about doing a Room 101 kind of thing in 101 words and on a dark and twisted theme.

Not quite there yet I then took another look at Michelle’s prompts over at Her Writing Haven.  They are a great set of prompts and you should take a look at them, so I decided to use those as my daily prompts to be combined with my Room 101 idea.  I may also combine them with the WordPress daily prompt if possible.  Anyway, here is the first Room 101.  The “Cradled and cocooned” prompt comes from Michelle and the “Dancing” prompt from WordPress daily prompt..


He kicked out angrily, desperate to hurt her, wanting her to scream.

“Oh look he likes it” he heard her say, that sickeningly elated tone in her voice.   “He’s dancing.”

“He has your terrible taste in music” the man joked laughing loudly.

“Hey you, watch it” she replied happily.  He could feel her slowly rubbing her stomach.

As if having to listen to her life coursing through her body wasn’t enough, he now had to listen to the awful music she played incessantly.

He really could not wait to be born and one day be old enough to kill them both.




Blanketed in bliss

There’s no love like the love a mother has for her baby right?


Written in response to Michelle’s writing prompt which you can see here.

A shrill scream pierced the night, and had Adam scrambling from his bed before he was even properly awake, heart racing.  He flew from the bedroom calling for his wife, his head spinning and not daring to guess what had happened.

“Oh god, In here” came her voice, barely recognisable, “I’m in the babies room.”

Adam ran to the room and stopped in the doorway.  Jane was sat in the dark, quite still in an old rocking chair in the corner.  In her arms, wrapped in the blanket her mother had  bought for them, was the baby.

He hurried over to her.  “What’s wrong, is she okay?” he pulled back the blanket that he could see her face.  He knew straight away that she was not.  Her eyes were wide open, unblinking, and her expression unchanging and her body motionless.  “Jesus, her eyes Jane – what’s happened.”

Jane couldn’t reply, she simply sat holding the bundle tightly in her arms.

Adam took a closer look and realised that all the colour had disappeared from her eyes and they were completely black.

“I’ll call an engineer” he said placing a hand on his wife’s shoulder.  “It will be okay Jane.”

“I don’t want a fucking engineer” she screamed, “I want my baby!”

“Jane please” Adam said, not really knowing what to say, “They’ll know what to do”.

He didn’t wait for a response, and after a few minutes returned to the room.  “They’re on the way it won’t be long at all” he said, but she was not listening, she simply sat staring at her baby, crying.

After what seemed like an eternity a tall man in a sharp black suit arrived at the house and Adam lead him upstairs to the nursery.

“Mrs Goodwin” he said, reaching for the bundle in her arms, “time is of the essence, Please.”

Not looking up she allowed the stranger to take her baby and watch him leave the room with it.

“I will be in the next room” he said, “If you could just wait in here I will need to run full diagnostics.”

Adam stood next to his wife, nodded, and watched the engineer take the baby from the room.

Neither of them spoke, simply waiting for the engineer’s return.  Adam reached for his wife’s hand but she pulled away sharply.

“Mr Goodwin” came a voice “Could you come through please.”

Jane looked up at him and nodded. “I’m okay.  Go” she said.

Entering the guest bedroom his stomach lurched as he saw his daughter lying on the bed, a panel in the side of her head open and a connection from her head leading to a small tablet that lay on the bed next to her.

“What’s happened “He asked calmly, “what’s happened to our daughter.”

The Engineer paused struggling for words.

“I …” he hesitated.  He needed to put this into terms Adam would understand.  “There’s been a catastrophic failure” he said rubbing his chin “the main learning core went into overload and the emergency backup overwrote the last good file and we’ve lost everything.  All her memories and learning are gone”

He waited for Adam to reply but Adam stood silent.

“I’ve checked for an offsite backup but it looks like you never paid for the service – so I have nothing to work with.”

“We only just had enough for the basic model” Adam said, his face now pale.  “I thought it would be okay” he continued “I never told Jane, we just wanted the baby so badly.  Surely there must be something we can do?”

The engineer placed his tablet back into his bag and packed his tools away.  “Mr Goodwin, I am sorry sir” he said, “but there really is nothing that can be done to restore her to her last known state.  The best I can do is to flush the bios and do a factory reset but you will have to restart the whole programme and the last three months learning will be lost.  Even then I cannot guarantee this won’t happen again.  You should have taken the extended warranty sir.”

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