I wrote this for the carrot ranch 99 word challenge but forgot to post it.  Its a 99 word challenge in response to the picture above.  You should check it out, its s rather good site.  Ill post it anyway, waste not want not…

Harold stood and watched the waves slap hypnotically against the shingle beach.

“Looks cold” Harold said.

“It’ll be fine” the voices replied.

One step forward, the waves lapping at his feet

“Do it” the voices urged, “do it now, jump!”

Two steps back.  No, this wasn’t the right time.

“Get it over with Harold, now.” They pressed.

Fear gripped, three steps back.  “This is wrong, I don’t want to do it anymore, I want to live” he cried.

He turned and ran straight into his father  “Goodness” he said, “It’s ok Harold, maybe you’ll get your feet wet tomorrow”

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