Crow and Sparrow


“A very good morning” said sparrow as she alighted on the telephone wire just a short distance from crow, “Lovely day isn’t it.”

Crow shuffled atop the pole and glanced across at sparrow.  He was not a fan of small birds, he found them most tiresome with all of their constant cheeping and chirping.

“Is it?” he said.  Crow rather liked his peace and quiet.

“Oh indeed, indeed” Sparrow chirped excitedly.

“And why is that then?” Crow asked, not at all interested.

Sparrow flapped her wings excitedly then settled back onto the telephone wire.  “Well it seems that Owl said that he was told by Frog that it will rain later today, and you know what that means don’t you Crow?”

“Go on” said crow

“Worms” exclaimed sparrow “juicy, chubby, delicious worms.”

“Is that so?” replied crow as he watched the girl with the fat bottom and her dog cross the farm yard below and then surveyed the sky. “Doesn’t look like rain to me” he said quite matter of fact.

Sparrow looked about, the sky was blue and there barely a cloud to be seen.

“But Owl said…” said sparrow trailing off, her dark eyes scanning the sky for any signs of rain.  “Does that mean there won’t be worms?”

“Maybe there will be rain, maybe there won’t” said Crow with some pleasure “but if you ask me then I would say that no, there will not be any juicy fat worms today for you sparrow.”

“Oh” said sparrow now quite sad.  “I was looking forward to some juicy fat worms”, and with that she flew off in search of breakfast.

“Maybe next time sparrow” shouted Crow after her, smiling a quite wicked smile as he watched the fat bottomed girl and dog return from feeding the chickens.  Crow did not like dog or the fat bottomed girl either.  The girl ruffled dog’s head as they reached the farm house.

“Better get my coat girl” she said as she passed inside, the dog barking excitedly at the thought of a day on the tractor “lots of rain forecast this afternoon and I  don’t want to get too wet.”