Teleporting Topless – Room 101

Let’s do another month of M’s prompts shall we.  101 words allowed only.  These tend to be snippets of things that could be or might be one day.  Or never see the light of day again.

Clarke reached for the key on the panel, an array of lights blinking.

“First full human trials commencing in 5…” He said looking up at a camera in the corner of the room.  Reaching zero he turned the key.

A bright flash lit up the room, static electricity fizzing and popping as the form of a person began to take shape on the receiver.  The air crackled as first feet and then legs took form.  Clarke waited heart racing.  The fizz popped and stopped.

His comms unit barked into life. “Boss, we have a problem.”

Clarke stared at the platform.   “Oh shit”



Photo courtesy of pixabay