My Weekly Fetish Haiku 5th of January

Instead of stopping these it was suggested that I simply do one a week instead.  I’m sure you know which one this is right …

Only got one arm?

tell me you were born like that

I need a moment

Hey I don’t mean me there okay just a metaphorical me in the name of the haiku.  The more I research this stuff the more bizarre it gets.  I get that the heart wants what the heart wants and a very good friend mine, a strapping handsome lad of 6ft plus, is married to a hunchback dwarf.  She is lovely and they have been together forever, have a kid and have always seemed very much in love and rather happy.

Now I dont think he’s with her because of the differences though, he doesn’t seem the type of chap.  Then again I might not know him at all and he might be a right dirty bastard who only wants her because of her hump and short stature and loves nothing more than twirling her around at the end of a long day.

Hmm.  Nah, she wouldnt let him shes rather feisty.  And, if it was a proper fetish I reckon he would need more than one hunchback dwarf in his life.

Oh it’s all very confusing.




Teratophilia is the arousal to the congenitally deformed