A thought…

That was a long lon g day.  I slept terribly, the cats eventually waking me at 4am after I had stayed up far too late watching ‘Bright’.  The eldest went to a sleepover and went to bed at 4 and the youngest went to bed at 3.  I said he could watch one tv show in his brothers bed before sleep and forgot about him.

He came down to tell us all about the great TV he had watched at 3 rather wired and a little scared about something creepy but I do not recall what.

We were all reunited at lunchtime to head on a couple of hours drive out to the seaside for the afternoon.  We weren’t beyond the end of the street before the younger was crying because of something the other had thrown, the elder professed his hatred for me insisting I should perhaps stop speaking and the wife’s day was already ruined.

I think we just about pulled it back as the day progressed, mostly because the little blighters fell asleep and I heeded the warning I had been given to ‘leave them alone because I just wind them up’.

Families eh 🙂