Fatties in space – The Poem. Not for kiddies

Fatties in space returns but not quite as you might have wanted.

You really should read this first before proceeding, but you don’t have to – it will just make more sense if you do..I am not ready for the full story but thought I would start exploring story lines through the medium of poetry.


It’s a tale of the round, and the girthy who found

a real love, one that’s true , one that’s strong

and the passion they share, but they’re rather aware

that they just cannot ‘go’ for that long.


For rotund they both are and alas the pair far

From in shape, ‘less that shape is a ball

He has always been big from when he was a kid

And she got real fat after a fall


So both desperate to please one another and tease

In the bedroom they try to delight

So as well as whipped cream for this sexy young team

Nacho cheese and choc pudding tonight


But they try none the less, she fits into a dress

Far too small for a gal of her size

but he gazes with love, says “it fits like a glove”

Then devours her like burger and fries


He heaves up his full frame, and she calls out his name

legs akimbo his hands on her hips

says “I fancy some kink, here what do you think?”

and eats onion rings from her nips


But before it begins pudding still on his chins

and the nacho cheese on her top lip

his legs started to cramp and she’s barely got damp

he tries hard but he’s losing his grip


“That’s enough” she cries out, “I do not want to shout

But I’ve needs and I need to be drilled”

So she books them a flight, taking off the next night

On the love ship, she will be fulfilled


For it heads into space at a jolly quick pace

They’ll be freed of this gravity curse

Yes it cost all they’ve saved, but they’re feeling depraved

And she wants to dress up as a nurse


So next time I will tell, and use words such as swell

And engorge and perhaps Ill use thrust

And Ill tell a bit more and you might just adore

The next verse in this tale of fat lust



More stuff?  No?  I understand…

Get well soon limericks 


More tea vicar ? 

Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

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