Dieting. 1.

Let’s give it another go eh

So it turns out that after posting about dieting here and here I did very little about the matter.   There were a few apples and some lighter lunchtime options enjoyed at work when I set out but there were also loose handfuls of quality street chocolates and overflowing plates of pie and mash washed down with mince pies and stollen.

Sadly it turns out a salad on a Tuesday will not in any way make up for a McDonalds Big Tasty on a Wednesday.  And yes, I went large.

In some ways that is almost enough to convert me from my atheist ways.  Only a force of pure evil would make a mouth watering burger total 1300 calories and a light ham salad with a splash of vinaigrette a mere 250.  If such evil exists then surely there is a balance of goodness out there somewhere.

Anyway I am thinking that if I write about it a little more then perhaps that will make me feel somewhat more accountable.   Or maybe a lot more.  I know you will all be frightfully encouraging too.

So keep an eye out for how it goes, might be fun.

Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

32 thoughts on “Dieting. 1.”

  1. dieting has never been my forte, I either starve or I binge… I tried eating 6 small meals a day, that was for the birds… Literally…
    I don’t know what a “big tasty” is, as we don’t have that here at our mcdonalds, but what I can tell you is that Mcdonalds Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese and only mayo and tomato and their french fries is probably one of the only reasons I’m still living on this planet…
    Salad’s for rabbits! If there’s anything I learned over the years, it’s all about the amount of calories you eat through out the day… Figure out what your “top” is and how many calories you output a day on the simple bits of exercise (your steps every where count).
    So, my “top” is 2,560 calories (for my weight and activity level). I, in a given day, can burn anywhere from 150 to 500 calories just by walking around my office and my apartment. 10,000 steps a day is your daily recommended exercise honestly (depending on your speed, it’s usually under an hour consecutive to get 10,000 steps).
    So, I technically have anywhere from 2,660-3,160 calories I could go through a day…
    Any given day I can eat anywhere from 500 calories to 1500 calories… But I usually only get about 1300 steps in a day… I don’t do anything really outside of work
    basically the trick is not to let your body enter starvation mode, but input less calories than you output…


  2. Now big brother! You know how I feel about the matter! 😉

    I pretty sure that “salad on a Tuesday will not in any way make up for a McDonalds Big Tasty on a Wednesday” but snacking on the wifey? Come on! You know how many calories that burns! 😉

    I look forward to all the juicy details!😎


  3. Tjsys great advice thanks Nicky. And there’s me going for 6 large meals a day. Stupid boy i am 🙂

    I shall be writing about my experience with some stuff described as superfoods. Tonight. Wtf.

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  4. I don’t even use the word “dieting”. I prefer to say “eating better”. Michael the trick is pay attention to the quality and quantity of food you put into your body. Sure there would be days you didn’t get it perfect but don’t be discouraged getting healthier is a lifestyle change that does not happen overnight. I’m not perfect but I’m focusing on eating and living better. The good news is you’ve started paying attention to what you’re eating so that’s a start. 🙂 Best wishes to you on this journey.


  5. That depends on how well you balance your food groups. Just remember there will be many Christmas dinners so there’s no need for you to stock up. LOL 🙂 Just try to have a good time.

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  6. Oh goodness, you had to go there! Stollen is like the best ever. I so want to put an umlaut in there! Our local bakery only makes it around Christmas time and that time is NOW. If you hadn’t mentioned it, I might have made it through the season without thinking about it. The new year would arrive and I would have missed the proverbial boat. But now…now you have opened up the Pandora’s box of baked goods. I’d say I hate you for it, but that wouldn’t be true. I hate the bakery for making something so delicious.

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  7. good god. My dad is over in Kazakhstan and they get similar temperatures. no I think I will settle for a wet and windy english winter where a little ice causes the entire place to grind to a halt.

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  8. I have been successful with the “mindpower celeterra” method. Managed to loose about 30 pounds… and two years later I am still at the right weight, so no yo-yo effect. A diet doesn’t work, but changing eating habits does.

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