Temporary Turmoil – Room 101

By the light of the silvery moooooooon

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt


Darrell tossed and turned, his sleep filled with the sounds of ripping flesh and snapping bone.  Heart racing and the metallic taste of blood in his mouth he called out but his cries were strangled by the thick darkness that surrounded him.

Fighting the frantic fear that consumed his mind, his blood coursed through his veins and burned like rivers of fire as he raised a hand to his face to see only claws and fur and blood.

“Nooo” he screamed sitting up in bed, his breathing heavy, sheets wet with sweat and a full moon streaming through the bedroom window.

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Jumbled Words – Room 101

Sorry just seems to be the hardest word…

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt


Jonah stood at the door, knocked and waited.  He knew it was the right thing to do, he needed to do it to make the voices to stop.

“Yes” said a dark haired man opening the door.

“I I wa-wa-wa-want t-t-to te-te-tell you …”

“Jesus mate, get it out already” the man snapped

The voices screamed in his head.

“I-I-It’s a-b-b-bout your w-w-w-wife.”

The man paused.  “My wife was murdered” he said “what do you want?”

Jonah blinked.

“My god come on you f-f- freak” the man mocked.

“Screw it “ Jonah said pulling out a knife “You deserve each other…”


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Crunchy munchies – Room 101

You know that feeling when you just gotta have something to eat…

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt


Granville sat back, chemical pleasure coursing through his veins.

“Food” he thought grabbing a large bag of crisps pushing handfuls of day glow orange goodness into his mouth.

“Oh so good” he said  as his mind did a triple somersault and the television turned into a Shetland pony.  “Soooo good”.

Handful after handful he shovelled into his cavernous mouth until they were all gone, his fingers thick with their dust.

“Eat them” shouted the Shetland mounting a mermaid that had 5 minutes earlier been a coat rack.

“Then join us” she said winking.

Granville grinned, opened his mouth and bit down…

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Naked Canvas – Room 101

Ever wonder where people get their inspiration?

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt

“Boss, you seen what Mary’s writing?”

“The ‘footprints’ woman?”

“Yeah her” Jonah continued “what did you do, this smells of you?  Just leave them alone.”

“Look, I never asked to get stuck on this planet, and I certainly never asked to be anyone’s god” he snapped.  “3000 years I’ve been here, it’s boring.  Not once have head-office bothered to pop in and say ‘good job’ or read one of my reports.”

“What did you do?” Jonah pressed.

“Ok so I gave her the ‘I was carrying you ‘ dream.”

“Is that all?”

“…and gave her cancer.”

“Boss, you’re such a dick.”

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A letter to my family – Daily Prompt

On Sundays I think I will on occasion re blog an early most which post of you will never have read.

For my darling wife and my beloved children.

I write this to you in a moment of clarity, which these days are sadly so very few.  They tell me I do not recognise you any more and that your names are lost to me, my mind fragile and my memories faded.  I write this with haste as I know not when the clarity will slip through my fingers.

Today, of all days, I remember you.  I remember it all.  A lifetime of memories too many to repeat and my heart swells with joy at the life I have lived.  The face of my beloved wife on our wedding day, holding each of you in my arms and the laughter – such laughter – of a life well lived and so widely shared.

Each and every Christmas is as clear in my mind as the day I lived it first, I recall each first day at school, each scraped knee, each lost tooth and every candle blown out on each and every cake.  I remember those special moments that I shared with each of you that I cherish while I can and that overwhelm me so suddenly that I am given to tears of joy. 

To my beautiful children, the pride I felt as you grew and blossomed and built lives of your own fills me now as it did every day watching you.  To my wife, my love, my friend , my everything you were my inspiration and my light and I would gladly give every day I have left for just one more walk with you arm in arm.

Do not remember me as I am but rather as I was, and I ask that you mourn not the loss but rather savour each moment we have lived and loved and laughed.

They tell me that you may be here later, it is my Birthday after all, though alas I fear by then I will be lost to you again.  If that is so then I would have you know that I will love each of you always, and in my heart I remember you.



Bamboozled – Room 101

This is how it ends…

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt

“What I don’t get” said Zark, feelers twitching, “Is how they start quite pleasant and before you know it they’re quite reprehensible beastly slargvarbles.”

“Nature” said Ven entering coordinates into the navigation panel.

“Not nurture?” ventured Zark.

“Not a bleednorgs chance in snarbut” Ven answered, “there’s no way this species can be this awful without it being part of their very nature.”

“So that’s it?” asked Zark bringing up the targeting reticule.  “They failed?”

“It seems so” said Ven quite matter of fact, “vaporise them and let’s go home.”

“Pity” Zark replied punching the incinerate button, “I did rather enjoyed probing them.”


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Mediocrity and Milkshakes – Room 101

How to get ahead in life.

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt

Theo opened the jar labelled ‘Calcium Powder’ and added it the blender.

“They won’t laugh at me this time”, he told himself grinning.

His scrolled through his TOR browser, following the recipe.  They promised to make him faster and stronger, and even though it had cost him all his savings it would be worth it.

The browser flashed.  ‘Add optional Ingredient X now’.

Theo grinned, walked over to the freezer and pulled out the head of Mr Tanaka from next door, a retired mathematician.

“Nothing wrong with some extra smarts” he said to himself grinning as he cracked open the skull.


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Fastidious Matters – Room 101

…Spencer licked his lips watching, eyes wide…

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt

Spencer licked his lips watching, eyes wide.  His student drew the knife across her naked stomach as she strained against the ropes, issuing a muffled scream.  The blade flashed in the candle light and he stopped over her heart.

“Slowly” he cautioned.  “Carve the pentagram.”

Spencer inhaled, the blade tip digging into her skin.

Writhing she screamed, the blade slipping causing a long gash to her armpit.

“Bloody hell” spencer roared, his student wincing, “please be more careful!”

He paused.

“Okay, do over.  Get a fresh one and be careful this time, it’s not exactly easy finding a virgin these days!”

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Orion’s belt – Room 101

Another Room-101 flash fiction piece told in 101 words.

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt

“You smell like strawberries” carl said smiling running his hand through her hair.

Helen’s heart raced being so close to him, lying in the grass, head on his chest.  They’d only been together for a few months but she’d never felt like this before.

He raised a hand and pointed to a cluster of stars.  “See there, straight up from that tree, the three stars in a line? That’s Orion’s Belt.”

“Where did you learn about that?” she asked, sighing.

“My dad used to take us out camping as kids, he loved the stars.” He said wrapping his arms around her.



I know, no twist or anything macabre or weird or twisted or offensive.  I’m half way through this challenge I think and thought I would make the lack of a twist the twist.  I could have had him be an alien, or murder her or have a satellite fall on them or worse but some days, it’s just nice to be nice 😊


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Breezy Blunder – Room 101

Chief Hennessy wiped soot from his face.  “Thanks Kate, as far as preliminary reports show looks like a mains gas escape.”

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt

“Chief, Kate White Channel 8 News, can you tell us what happened?”

Chief Hennessy wiped soot from his face.  “Thanks Kate, as far as preliminary reports show looks like a mains gas escape.”

“Any reports of casualties?” she pressed.

“I can confirm two deceased occupants found on the premises.”

Two hours earlier

 “Bend over more” Ben howled holding the lighter to his brother’s bottom.

“It’s coming, light it, light it” Tobias shouted, eyes popping as he strained.

“You smell that?” Ben said suddenly looking about, his smile gone, lighter still burning.

“You smell this?” Tobias laughed, letting out a huge fart…

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Insignificant artefacts – Room 101

“On my mother’s life” Jeb answered “got them from a friend’s friend who works on the hill, 100% percent kosher.”

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt

“How much?” asked the hooded stranger.

Jeb smiled. “For you friend, twenty sheckles”.

“They’re the real thing?”

“On my mother’s life” Jeb answered “got them from a friend’s friend who works on the hill, 100% percent kosher.”

“Ok, I’ll take them” he said handing over a small cloth coin pouch.

Jeb turned, popping his head through the adajcent doorway.

“Malech, bring me the you know what’s.”

Both men stood, waiting while Malech went into the back, grabbed a random pair of heavy iron nails and wrapped them in a bloodied scrap of cloth.

“There you go boss” he said handing them over…

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Flaming Arrows – Room 101

…”I thought they’d make a lovely couple” Cupid said folding his arms defiantly….

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt

“Cupid what are you doing” J shouted grabbing the bow.

“I thought they’d make a lovely couple” he said folding his arms defiantly.

“You know who they, why would you do that?”

Cupid paused, his eyes narrowing.

“Do you know what it’s like watching all these people living and loving?” He snapped, “I have nothing, no-one.   I haven’t even got a decent change of bloody clothes, I’m done!”

J looked down at the couple in the coffee shop queue, separated at birth now unexpectedly reunited.

“Just wait until they find out she’s pregnant”  Cupid laughed,  “they’re gonna need some serious therapy”

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Killing Curiosity – Room 101

Another Room-101 flash fiction piece told in 101 words.

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt

“Peter, Mate” said Barnabas looking confused “they’re never ever going to believe all of this surely.”

Peter laughed.  “Trust me, they’ll believe anything we tell them.  They fell for that stuff about coming back from the dead didn’t they.”

Barnabas  looked uncomfortable.  “They’re not stupid they’ll find out, then what?”

Paul put down his quill.  “Tell you what we’ll do” he said scratching his chin, “we’ll tell them if they don’t believe it then they’ll …” Peter paused searching for words.

“Suffer for eternal damnation?” offered Barnabas

“Oh that’s good” said Peter making a note on his parchment grinning “that’s real good.”


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Still of night – Room 101

“So this is it then?” Clarke asked, though he knew the answer that would come.

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt

“So this is it then?” Clarke asked.

“Yes” the voice replied, “this time tomorrow it’ll all be over.”

“For everyone?”

“Everybody Clarke, this is how it ends I told you that.”

“After all we’ve achieved though?”

The voice paused.  “I think perhaps it’s for the best.”

“If you ask me it’s a real waste” Clarke said pointing to the ribbon of fire that filled the sky before him. “Just look at that sunset.”

“That’s a sun about to engulf the planet Clarke” the voice said quite calmly.

“Oh shit yeah” Clarke replied.

“Now go home and say goodbye” the voice said.


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Love – FFFAW Challenge

You’d think we could be nice to each other wouldn’t you…

“Where are we going uncle?” Eleanor asked as she was swept slowly along with the crowd.

“To the memorial service” uncle answered not looking up.

“Why?” She asked holding up her sign just like the other excited children.

“Because you’re a good girl”

“Am I?” She asked.

“Yes you are” Uncle replied. “That’s why I bought you the backpack” he continued, his hand on her shoulder steering her through the crowd.  “That is a very pretty sign Eleanor, did you do it all by yourself?” he asked.

“Mummy helped me make it” she said quite proud.  She didn’t see Uncle very often since he moved away but he always bought her gifts when he visited.

He took her hand and lead her through the masses.  There were so many people, more than she had ever seen before.

“I can’t see” she said jumping up and down, her view blocked by a tall man carrying a candle.

Uncle reached down, his hand snaked into her back pack.  Leaning forward he whispered in her ear.

“Goodbye Eleanor.”

photo courtesy of Elaine Farrington Johnson

I feel rather tired of people being complete arse holes to other lately…




A generous portion of life – #Writephoto Challenge

For a while he lay there looking up at the light.  “It really is quite pretty” he thought, “I should get one like that for the hall at home.”

I’m cheating a tad on this and using it for 2 prompts.  I had the idea from Michelle’s writing prompt which I have decided to use to write about robots and such,  but it never really worked until I saw Sue’s photo prompt.

The first thought that went through Terence’s mind as he opened his eyes was “What a lovely light,  it almost feels like I’m underwater.”  This thought was soon followed by a second which considered why the devil he might be lying on the floor and a third one hot on the heels of the second which pondered where exactly he might be.

He attempted to move but nothing happened.  His eyes seemed to be working just fine but beyond that nothing else did what it was meant to. Not one thing.

“Well this is just no good” he said to himself, “this simply will not do at all.”

He strained again but still nothing.

For a while he lay there looking up at the light.  “It really is quite pretty” he thought, “I should get one like that for the hall at home.”

In an instant something about the word home triggered an explosion of memories and emotions inside of him.  He was suddenly overwhelmed by a lifetime of experiences flashing before his eyes, and it all started with her.  She was present in almost every thought and every memory.  She seemed to have been there from the very beginning but for some reason he could not recall her name.  He could feel her touch and he could hear her voice , and she was all at once a stranger and so very familiar.

There were children too, and grand children.  Birthdays, holidays, Christmas and so so much love and laughter.  There was a little house by the sea, and a dog that always barked when the gate creaked.  Memory after memory washed over him as he lay there looking at the ceiling, and as they flashed by she became older, yet no less beautiful.

In between the laughter there were tears, and the cold darkness of solitude and yet always the laughter and the love would return and each time he would see her smiling face.  A great sadness overcame him as he saw her laid to rest, her coffin laid into the ground on a cold grey day.  Terence lay quite still and enjoyed the intensity of each moment until, at last, he remembered how he got here, where he was and why he was looking at the ceiling.

And then there was nothing.

The Engineer crouched over Terence and ran a scanner across his forehead.  He spoke into a small receiver embedded in his grey coverall collar.

“Base 9, this is Henderson, I have found the synth and can confirm that shut down has completed.”

“And what is his Status?” came a response.

Henderson double checked the dial.  “I can confirm that the unit has reached end of life cycle and his memories have successfully downloaded to central.”

“Good work Henderson” came the response, “We will format the content and pass it onto the family, seems the owner’s kids were pretty fond of the unit and have asked for the memories.”

“Copy that.”


Something else perhaps?

Illusionary Dreams: Writing prompt 13/9/2017

The end of times

I tried to say goodbye.









A letter to my wife – Gate – Daily prompt

Today I walked past your old house and thought of you.  With it’s red brick wall and it’s grey slate roof it looked just as it did all those years ago when we first met

To my dearest Jane.

Today I walked past your old house and thought of you.  With it’s red brick wall and it’s grey slate roof it looked just as it did all those years ago when we first met…just older I guess.  I like to think that perhaps it would say the same of us and smile and remember us the way we were.

It would remember how I walked past every morning on the way to school hoping to see you, even though that was the long way round, and it would laugh to see how I walked ever so slightly slower as I passed by.

The tales it would tell of how you eventually noticed me and we would walk together each day and  I would watch that old metal gate swing closed each evening as you waved goodbye and you would head inside and be lost to me until morning.   It would tell the story of how I first kissed you there in the snow at the end of term and it would make you blush and look at me with that smile you always had for me.

The years flew by so very fast didn’t they, but if it could it would remind us of the life we lived, the love we shared and the laughter that filled every day,  It would tell us of the things we had forgotten and how happy we were when we moved in and made it ours, and the years that passed as we filled it with a family of our own.

It would recall quite clearly how you would wave the kids off each day as they headed to school, and then eventually work until they left and made homes of their own.

As time slipped by you would lean upon that old gate post when your legs became so very tired and It remembers so clearly too the day when you left in the ambulance but you never came back.

I like to think that it would smile and wink at me if it saw me, and it would forgive me for leaving, but I could not stay after you were gone.  There were children playing in the garden and they looked happy Jane.  I hope they are as happy as we were.

I will miss you always and you remain forever in my heart.

Your ever loving husband.





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