Hey! Screw you haiku!

And screw you Monday too!


Sweet hyperbole

In pursuit of fair romance

oft on deaf ears falls




Ever after

Just some more words on a page…

Entwined and blind we tumble lost

through space like dying suns.

And embers flicker, light grown dim

beyond the stars we slowly spin

and every morning still we seek

forever brighter days.

And skies explode, like tears stars fall

down forever’s inky cheeks

and moon grows feint, and lights go out

alone we still persist

and neither time, nor void, nor night

recalls how bright we burned.

This was one of those I wrote whilst on a call at work. I believe it was all about stakeholder management.

Id say dull but I was hosting it…;)

Diana’s February Story: The Elephant Child — The Faery Whisperer – REBLOG

REBLOG – I Rather like this

Originally posted on Myths of the Mirror: Pixabay image by Marianne Sopala I actually recorded this if you want to listen along. The Elephant Child by D. Wallace Peach An elephant child, carefree and wild Walked into the wintry woods He followed fox tails and jackrabbit trails Ignoring his mother’s “shoulds” Of course, he got…

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Circle In The Sky — cosistories – REBLOG


There’s a circle in the sky. Smooth and silver and bright. Everyone is afraid of it. Maybe they are right. Maybe it is a sign of doom. Maybe it is the beginning of the end. Maybe it is an invasion waiting to start. Or maybe it is someone hoping to be a friend. I see […]

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Looking for a new follow?  Look no further!


A bit more of that deep kinda stuff thats not at all inappropriate.

Those moments…

Drowning in sweet abandon and revelling in disregard

we feed the thirst oft kept in check

with the incessent drip of compromise.

So deep we drink and quickly quench

yet satisfaction evaporates

ripped from our mouths by daylight’s glare

and withered, shallow roots lose grip.


And in the dark as sunlight fades

and shadows creep and cold embrace

my heart ensnares and laughter rings

like church bells in my ears.

I crave you still and wonder how,

and where, and why and who

until at last my mind grows dim

and peace once more returns.






Some of that non rhyming poetry lark.

Though eyes grow dim and final sunset calls

you ever still remain as bright as sweetest summers day.

And soft warm smile my heart delights one final evermore

and no regret, not one, no single moment would I trade.


Upon my door the darkness hurled

and screams to steal first kiss and each one since

though splintered wood lay all about my feet

protected, each defended to the last.


And when I lay upon the cold and unforgiving stone

hands crossed upon my fiersome pounding breast

you call me home and no more will I fight

and drift to sleep at last within your arms




Well that’s some miserable shite right there!

With lies ignored and foolish hope,

your heart beats still for what you once held dear.

And bloodied fingers, chewed and raw

cling desperate to promises

and smiles once oh so sweet.


His hollow words drip sacharine

and cold once tender touch

and fist and tongue and crimson rage

cast blame and fault and fingers point

and head hangs low in shame


Ensnared, entwined, in unison

they lie, alone beneath the sheets

Warm breath, rough hands, those future plans

that pillow talk, now empty sounds

blood flows through veins but weak


And morning follows night alas

days slip into the grey

of habit, forced endearing smiles

and months, turn years and decades pass

and winter brings release at last








Guest in Jest #84 3C Style and Lismore Paper — Everyone Else Has the Best Titles – REBLOG

A Reblog…

This week’s guests in Jest are 3C Style and LISMORE PAPER Nightmare at the House of Style I have to get away from the House of Style. 3C Style is an ok person, I guess. Ever since she picked me up from Linda and Bill’s home, I’ve been eating well and sleeping whenever I wanted. The best part […]

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That’s right.  Capital letters!  Don’t you dare let me find out you’re not!

Happy Monday people 🙂


“Had I, not blind, perhaps suspected

careless ways, my heart neglected

blood turned black, my veins infected…”

Had I, not blind, perhaps suspected

careless ways, my heart neglected

blood turned black, my veins infected

you sweet voice to me sings


And in my haste I gave too much

Compromised and eager, such

as one who craves too strong soft touch

and dark forbidden things


So ripped and raw and torn asunder

Day’s end calls as sun slips under

‘neath your waves, farewell my wonder

Cold to my bones, night brings


And in the lands of shade I’m lost

No coin to pay redeeming cost

My face grow pale as winter’s frost

To summer’s dream I cling


And on and on until the sight

Of day break pushes back the night

And there you stood in golden light

And hope eternal springs

Poem for Saturday

Because it’s a poem. And it’s Saturday.

He shatters, violent, lascerated

crystal shards and tears

and love once wild and celebrated

withered, froze in winters depth

and counts lost wasted years


And lost he wanders aching,

broken, without port or land

in sight and hope seems taken

until there bright on horizon

‘gainst the tempest she does stand


She takes his pieces, safe, collected

fingers, bloodied, red and torn

he wonders lost but not neglected

and battered by the fury dark

He waits at break of morn’


Land firm beneath his feet he feels

her sun upon his skin

find home and hearth, hears church bells peel

there warmed, and safe, another chance

a new chance to begin









Yesterdays, forever and now…

Like golden first rays of sunrise you bleed across my room

seeping into my pores as I stir

and clouding my mind

you carry me away.


Restless, my lungs fill with your presence

and eyes flutter as I breathe you in,

transported to times long past as

laughter breaks the silence


Sweet whispered promises float through my mind

carried by the warming winds of memory.

And there before my eyes you stand,

until I wake and you leave again.



You know, I wanted that one to be so much more and when I started it I thought I knew where I wanted it to go but I was on a call whilst I was doing it with the finance team discussing some financial modelling they wanted doing and it kinda just ruined my vibe.  It’s hard to wax lyrical whilst you comtemplate the time saving opportunities offered by the IBM Cognos TM1 modelling tools.

Next time I think I will just do it during my lunch instead.  Never have been very good at multitasking…


To Watch Or Not To Watch — Leigha Robbins – REBLOG

the first five minutes are always the worst murders, fires, death and destruction the weather and sports are ok but the fluff pieces are always towards the end the human interest stories that give us a little hope that mankind still has kindness … yeah I think I will watch the last half of the […]

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Ive always enjoyed Leigha, she was one of the first people I followed.  You might enjoy her too she’s dead nice.

When alone

A little thursday something that seems a bit too rhymey


Accidental caress

Ignites sweetest desire

Beyond logic and reason

consumed by a fire


Most forbidden and wanton

I hunger and crave

Find me shackled and reckless

Temptations  dark slave


My eyes closed how I need,

want and wish, yearn and lust

I give into temptation

And the thoughts I can’t trust


In the dark, no regrets

Repercussions are nought

I am free to enjoy

everything , deep in thought


Across time and space love persists

Evermore through time elapsed

my every minute, future, past

today, tomorrow, we will last

as time drifts slowly by


Each moment bliss, kiss lingers sweet

Blah blah blah blah big plates of meat

my sausage is a saucy treat

come taste my special sauce….

Oh come on I have written so much of this stuff this week I was bound to crack at some point wasn’t I.  I just dont think Im that deep to sustain such a run.

Feel free to finish that second verse any way you like.  I’m pretty sure you can do a better job than me.



“Where once you sparkled now all I see is ordinary, 

luke warm nothing dripping from your tight thin lips”

Where once you sparkled now all I see is ordinary,

luke warm nothing dripping from your tight thin lips.

And gone the spell you so cleverly wove quite tight about my heart,

resistant to the lure of mouth and hands and hips and soft sweet voice.


I smile as those tales trickle from your tongue

and fall on ears quite deaf and unforginving.

Back turned my shadow thrown out long before me

your brightness fading quickly as a new dawn glows ahead.


In time just ghostly whispers will remain of what once was

caught on the breeze as summer shines upon my deep lined face.

And one last time scars long healed will itch as a reminder

of something out of reach that once burned bright.






“Such tender lies, complicit thighs”

Such tender lies, complicit thighs

My tendency to eulogise

It’s me that cries

As you despise

And brings me to my knees


Resist I must, this breach of trust

But god the dark consuming lust

Each angry thrust

Turns me to dust

Such eagerness to please


Clenched fist, closed mind, I trail behind

The sunlight fades I cannot find

contentment, love, or peace of mind

this vacuum of the cruellest kind

where once I walked at ease


So I rebuild, where dreams were killed

Heart filled with hate which once was thrilled

You quench your thirst with tears spilled

Regret is such a bitter pill

But taken, life I sieze